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Soft Skills (2386037)
Katedra:ústav řízení a ekonomiky podniku (12138)
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Students will get familiar with the problematics o financial management of the business, analysis and interpretation of financial information, external and internal financial sources, balancing financial sources and applications, working capital management, investment evaluation, basics of financial mathematics and financial planning.
1.Introduction in financing of the enterprise, financial management role and function, financial objectives
2.Structure, analyses and interpretation of financial statements, classification and utilisa-tion of financial ratios
3.Management of working capital, cash management, working capital financing
4.Receivables management
5.Cash flow creation and analysis
6.Long-term and short-term sources of finance
7.Special resources of funds
8.Role and efficiency of capital markets
9.Liquidity management, cash management, system of payment
10.Financial planning, importance, preparation and evaluation of planned financial state-ments, sensitivity analyses, financial control
11.Characteristic of investment decision process, investment evaluation methods, risk evaluation of investment projects
12.Financial aspects of mergers and acquisitions
13.Summary, conclusion
Osnova cvičení
1.Foundation of corporation
2.Capital requirements, cash flow statements
3.Receivable management
4.Ratio analysis
5.Valuation of account payable
6.Management of current liquidity
7.Credit management
8.Cost of credit, internal sources of finance
9.Leverage effect
10.Financial planning
11.Investment appraisal
Freiberg,F.: Financování podniku, skripta ČVUT, Praha 2007.
Freiberg,F.: Finanční controlling. Management Press, Praha 1996.
Freiberg, F.: Cash-flow. Management Press, Praha 1997.

The exam requirements are specified by curriculum of the subject. During training courses the active participation, the solution of examples and presentation of given subject are re-quired.
Klíčová slova
financial management, financial sources,working management,investment evaluation
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