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Practical Class in Physics I (E023013)
Departments:ústav fyziky (12102)
Valid until: ??Range:0P+2C+0L
The subject is intended for students who need more detailed practising and improvement (including knowledge from former physics courses, or high-school knowledge) necessary for successful finishing Physics I course.The instructions are analogical to seminars with a short corresponding theoretical background. The link between physical concepts and methods of solution of typical problems is underlying.
1. Physical quantities - vectors and scalars. Kinematics of a particle motion in one dimension.
2. Motion in two or three dimensions, circular motion. Newton's laws of motion. Galileian transformation.
3. Motion equations, applications. Dynamics of a circular motion. Work and energy. Principle of conservation of energy. Momentum, impulse, collisions. Centre of mass. Rigid body. Rotational and translational motions, the torque. Conservation of momentum and angular momentum.
4. Gravitation, Newton's law of universal gravitations. Potential and intensity of a gravitational filed, satellites. Fluid mechanics, surface tension.
5. Continuity equation, Bernoulli's equation. Viscosity. Temperature, heat, calorimetry. Internal energy, first law of thermodynamics.
6. Thermodynamic processes. The Carnot cycle. Equipartition of energy theorem. The second law of thermodynamics, entropy, probability, information.
7. Elasticity, stress, strain, elastic moduli. SHM, the physical pendulum, the simple pendulum, damped oscillations, forced oscillations, resonance.
8. Mechanical waves, types, mathematical description, sound, beats, the Doppler effect.
9. Electric charge, electric filed, intensity. Electric flux, Gauss's law, electric potential.
10. Capacitors, capacitance, energy of electric field, Gauss' law in dielectrics.
11. Electric current, resistivity, resistance, electromotive force.
12. Direct-current circuits, Kirchhoff's rules, power and energy in electric circuits.
13. Magnetic field, the Hall effect, magnetic materials.
14. Mass spectrometer, cyclotron. Sources of magnetic filed, Ampere's law.
Vesela E., Physics I, CTU Publishing House, Prague, 2017
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