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Physics II. - Seminary (E026003)
Departments:ústav fyziky (12102)
Valid until: ??Range:0P+2C
The subject is inteded for students who need more detailed practising and improvement (including knowledge from former physics coursess, or high-school knowledge) necessary for successful finishing Physics II course.The instructions are analogical to seminars with a short corresponding theoretical background. The link between physical concepts and methods of solution of typical problems is underlying.
1. Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, self-inductance, mutual inductance.
2. Maxwell's equations, displacement current.
3. Electromagnetic waves, interaction of radiation with matter. Light.
4. Geometrical optics.
5. Wave optics, interference. Special theory of relativity.
6. Particle nature of radiation. Photoelectric effect. Black-body radiation, the Compton effect.
7. Wave-particle nature of matter. De Broglie waves. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
8. Models of hydrogen atom, quantum numbers, electron spin.
9. Introduction into quantum mechanics - Schrodinger equation.
10. Particle in a box. Harmonic oscillator. Periodic system of elements.
11. Spectra, x-rays, laser. Molecular bonds.
12. Band theory of solids, semiconductors.
13. Radioactivity, activity, disintegration law, half-life, sources of nuclear energy, measurements.
14. Fundamental elementary particles, classification. Cosmology.
Structure of tutorial
1. Young, H.D., Freedman, R.A.: Sears and Zemansky' University Physics, 10th edition, Addison-Wesley, 2000
Active presence on seminars + minimum 75 % of presence.
Electromagnetic induction, inductance, Maxwell's laws, electromagnetic waves, optics, particle nature of radiation, wave nature of particles, models of hydrogen atom, quantum numbers, exclusion principle, uncertainty principle, periodic system of elements, Schrodinger equation, spectra, molecular bonds, band theory of solids, nuclear physics, half-life, activity, elementary particles, cosmology.
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