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German - Lower Intermediate (E046078)
Katedra:ústav jazyků (12104)
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Aim: Understanding clearly what is spoken about everyday situations which a student meets at school or in his/her free time and speaking about them. Writing in a simple way about familiar topics. Reading and comprehension of simple texts. Improvement of professional language.
Osnova cvičení
Comparatives and superlatives, nouns after prepositions and numerals, geographical adjectives, perfect tenses of weak verbs, connectors, past participle, relative clauses
Shopping, sports, visit to Berlin,
Studying at CTU, parts of a car
Drmlová et al: Německy s úsměvem, lesson 8 - 11
Internal materials of Language Department
Mastering material that has been taught, 2 tests
Klíčová slova
Listening, reading, writing, speaking shopping, sport, post-office, travelling in germany, holidays, culture CTU, cars
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