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German Upper Intermediate (E046081)
Katedra:ústav jazyků (12104)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:0+2
Zakončení:ZJazyk výuky:EN
Mapped to the level of Common European Framework of Reference:A2 - B1
Understanding standard speech about familiar topics, that a students comes across at work, at school, during free time, and talking about these topics. Ability to describe experiences and events, explain one´s opinions and plans. Reading and understanding general and technical texts.
Grammar: time clauses, plusquamperfect, plusquamperfect subjunctive, prefixes, infinitive structures "statt zu" and "ohne zu", prepositions with genitive,
conjunctive of present, past and future tenses, reported speech
Conversational topics: business trip, holiday in Germany, life in a city and in the country, terrorism
Technical topics: ecology, computers
Drmlová a kol: Německy s úsměvem, lekce 15 - 18,
internal material
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