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Czech Advanced (E046118)
Katedra:ústav jazyků (12104)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:0+2
Zakončení:ZJazyk výuky:EN
Mapped to the level of Common European Framework of Reference: B1- B2
The aim: comprehension of spoken Czech as well as lectures given in Czech without great difficulties and active participation in a discussion. Written and oral skills on advanced level. Ability to write a summary, a report, an essay. Reading and comprehension of popular-scientific and scientific articles or texts from student´s field of studies without difficulties. Grammar structures on advanced level.
Grammar: nouns and adjectives derived from verbs. Review of adjectives and pronouns. Nominal expression. Expressing condition, purpose, cause, consequence, time relation
Conversation: reading and analyzing technical texts about technology, environment, engines, transport, inventions, materials, computers, discussion about these texts.
Technical Czech: technical expressions from the texts, interpreting graphs.
Holá, Bořilová: Čeština expres

Internal materials of the Department of Languages
Mastering the material that has been taught, 2 tests
Klíčová slova
technical Czech
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