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Electrical Machines and Drives (E141503)
Katedra:ústav přístrojové a řídící techniky (12110)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:2P+0C+2L
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Electrical power and energy. Calculation, measurement, power factor.
Magnetic circuit, materials, hysteresis loop. Electromagnet. Transformer, principle, construction, 3-phase transformer, operating conditions, rated (scheduled) values. Induction machine, principle, construction, operating conditions. Starting, speed-torque characteristic, speed control. Synchronous machines. DC-machines, principle, parameters, operating conditions, construction, starting, speed control, speed-torque characteristic. Low-voltage instruments.
Low-voltage distribution system.
1. Magnetic materials and Magnetic circuits.
2. DC and AC electromagnets. 3-phase power measurement.
3. Transformer, principle, theory, equivalent circuit, phasor diagram, instrument transformer design.
4. Transformer: Open-circuit test, Short-circuit test; drop of voltage by loading. 3-phase transformer, hour angle. Special transformers.
5. Asynchronous motor, principle, construction, operating parameters.
6. As. Motor - theory, equivalent circuit, losses - subdivision.
7. Speed-torque characteristic. Circle diagram. Single-phase as. motor
8. Asynchronous motor - starting, speed control.
9. Synchronous machine, generator, motor, reluctance and stepper motors
10. DC-machines, principle, theory, equivalent circuit, fundamental equations.
11. DC - separately excited; (- shunt; - series) motor, speed - torque characteristic, starting.
12. Ward-Leonard system, speed controlling of DC-motors,
Single-phase commutator motor.
13. Low-voltage instruments, fuses, breakers, residual current devices
14. Low-voltage power network.
Osnova cvičení
1. Group subdivision, repetition of safety work rules. Calculations:
3-phase AC-circuits and 3-phase power. Measuring Instruments.
2. 3-phase power measurement: 3 Wattmeter method; artificial connections - 1 W-method, 2 W- (Aron) method; reactive power and power factor; non-harmonic waveforms measurement.
3. Magnetic circuits measurement, electromagnet characteristic measurement, magnetic circuit calculation.
4. Power semiconductors, steady-state characteristics, cooling. Cooling calculation and verification.
5. 1-phase transformer: Open-circuit test, Short-circuit test; loading characteristic. Examples, transformer design. Movie: Transformers production.
6. Asynchronous motor, terminals box, stator resistors measurement. No-load test, Locked-rotor test. Movie: As. Motors production.
7. As. Motor - frequency and voltage control; single phase power supply. Examples of As. Motor-drives.
8. As. Motor (Single phase, 3-phase) - loading test. Circle diagram. Examples Performance of As. Motor-drives.
9. Contactors automation. // Synchronous machine - No-load test, Short-circuit test, Synchronising.
10. Waveforms of characteristic quantities in the chopper connection with DC-motor (duty factor dependence). Examples Performance of DC machine - drives.
11. Control characteristics of DC-motor (No-load test), V-A characteristic of DC - motor-operated (and generator-operated) state. Magnetic neutral plane setting. Movie: DC-machines.
12. Contactors automation. // Synchronous machine - No-load test, Short-circuit test, Synchronising.
13. DC-machines - loading test, speed-torque characteristics of
DC -separately excited.(-series) motor. AC-commutator motor measurement.
14. Assessment.
Chapman Stephen J., Electric Machinery Fundamentals, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 1985, ISBN 0-07-010662-2
Hughes A., Electric Motors and Drives - Fundamentals, Types and Applications, Newness, ISBN 978-0-7506-4718-2
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