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Rapid HW/SW prototyping (E143032)
Departments:ústav přístrojové a řídící techniky (12110)
Valid until: ??Range:0P+0C+3L
The goal is to make the students familiar with rapid prototyping of control systems and algorithms using automated tools. The classes will be based on mathematical models of real systems. The students will be already familiar with them from previous subjects such as Mathemetical and Computer Models, Theory of Automatic Control etc. Tools such as Matlab Embedded Coder, Simulink Real-time, Simulink Coder eventualy LabView Matlab/Simulink toolkit will be used. It will be shown how to implement the control algorithm into a real hardware and test its functions. Also automated code conversion into C and eventual code modifications will be shown. The control algorithm will be verified either on a real system, on its mathematical model or as hardware in the loop (HIL). Real world examples such as motor control will be shown. Rapid prototyping tools are currently gaining on popularity in the industrial world in areas such as automotive or aerospace.
no lectures
Structure of tutorial
Labs plan
• Matlab Embedded Coder
• Simulink Real-time
• Simulink Coder
• LabView Matlab/Simulink toolkit
• Hardware in the loop - aplications
• Individual assigned work
• Presentation of individual work results
• Leonimer Flavio de Melo, Jose FernandoMangili Junior and Jose Augusto Coeve Florino (2011). Rapid Prototyping for Mobile Robots Embedded Control Systems, Advanced Applications of Rapid Prototyping Technology in Modern Engineering, Dr. M. Hoque (Ed.), InTech, DOI: 10.5772/22030
• Greg Rose, Tyler Leman, and Bryant Mairs, IntelinAir, and Xiaofeng Wang (2017). Accelerating Drone Research with a Ready-to-Fly Hexacopter and Flight Control Software
• Bill Chou (2016). The Joy of Generating C Code from MATLAB
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