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Reactor and Bioreactor Design (E181112)
Katedra:ústav procesní a zpracov. techniky (12118)
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These lectures belong to the group of unit operations and processes. Students should utilize knowledge gained in hydraulic, diffusion and heat operations, physical chemistry and transfer phenomena. Lectures enlarge knowledge to equipment design of in which components are changed by means of chemical or biochemical reactions. Basis of chemical and biochemical kinetics and equilibrium are explained for homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions as well as the basis of reactor and bioreactor design. Furthermore lectures contain the introduction to non-ideal reactor behavior and reactor multiple systems operation. Utilization of gained information and knowledge aims to chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer and food industry for equipment design and designing of operation lines and its operation and optimization.

Design of the batch continuous and plug flow reactors and its combinations with homogeneous and also heterogeneous reactions. Application for classical chemical food environmental and energy producing production technologies. Basis of reaction kinetics. Enlargement of the gained knowledge to bioreactors including enzymatic ones with applications for pharmaceutical and food fermentors, biogas production and wastewater treatment. Basis of bioengineering-cultivation of microorganisms, aerobic and anaerobic systems, downstream processing.
1. Basis of chemical kinetics and chemical equilibrium.
2. Kinetics of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions.
3. Bach ideally mixed reactors.
4. Plug flow reactors.
5. Ideally mixed continuous reactors.
6. Reactor cascades and systems.
7. Proper choice of reactor and its optimization.
8. Non-ideally mixed reactors.
9. Reactor types and its design.
10. Bioengineering, basic technological schema of the bio-process.
11. Bioreactor types.
12. Bioengineering kinetics.
13. Oxygen supply principles and calculations.
14. Designing of basic bioreactor types.
Osnova cvičení
1. Basic calculations.
2. Courses of simple and complex chemical reactions.
3. Bach ideally mixed reactors.
4. Plug flow reactors.
5. Temperature dependency of reaction constant.
6. Non-isothermal reactors, enthalpy balancing, Fourier-Kirchhoff equation.
7. Tube reactors.
8. Two non-isothermal reactors-flow switching.
9. Chaotic processes in reactor design.
10. Software for simulation of ideally mixed continuous reactors.
11. Homework project.
For details see pages of these lectures on department website (www.fs.cvut.cz/en/U218). Calculations are mostly made in MAPLE.
Ditl, P.: Chemical reactors, Text book, Czech Technical University and literature recommended in this text book.
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Reactor, bioreactor, chemical kinetics, bioengineering
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