Difussion Separation Processes (E181131)
Departments:ústav procesní a zpracov. techniky (12118)
Valid until: ??Range:4P+2C
Classis from Equipment for diffusion separation processes are giving a basic knowledge of processes and equipments where gas or liquid mixture is been separated due to principals of physical-chemical equilibriums or on the basis of mass transfer mechanisms. They are used for concentrating of products from dilute solutions or in turn for purification of diluted gasses or liquid solutions.
1. Classification and principles of diffusion separation processes and operations.
2. Basis of mass transfer.
3. Basis of distillation.
4. Basis of rectification.
5. Types of rectification processes.
6. Absorption basis.
7. Absorption processes design.
8. Design of rectification and absorption columns.
9. Extraction processes design.
10. Design of extraction processes and apparatuses.
11. Adsorption basis.
12. Design of adsorption processes and equipment.
13. Membrane operations.
14. Crystallization and crystallizers.
Structure of tutorial
1. Basic equations and quantities in mass transfer, phase equilibrium, molecular diffusion, convective mass transfer.
2. Absorption column calculation, differential balance, determination of column height.
3. Single continuous distillation of a binary mixture.
4. Expansion distillation (flash).
5. Rectification column, calculating the number of distillation trays.
6. Extraction, calculation of single-stage equipment, multi-stage system.
7. Adsorption column - equilibrium, the equipment design.
8. Membrane operations, calculation of mass flux through a membrane, concentration polarization.
For details see pages of these lectures on www.cvut.cz -U12118. Calculations are mostly made in MAPLE.
Ditl, P.: Difussion Separation Processes, Text book, Czech Technical University and mostly English literature recommended in this text book.
Unit operations, diffusion separation processes
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