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Programming of Metal Cutting on CNC Machines (E341066)
Katedra:ústav obrábění, proj. a metrologie (12134)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:2P+3C
Zakončení:Z,ZKJazyk výuky:EN
Processing mock-up for die tool like models to the form of NC programme for CNC controlled milling machine. Usage of CAM system. Using the benefits of simulation and adjustments according to technological condtitions.
Optimalization of tool paths with reference to cycle time and achieved quality of finished machined surface.
1. Introduction to use of CAM software, automated programming of CNC machines. Basic work in 3D milling.
2. Procedure of 3D milling partprogram workflow.
3. Model import issues and solutions. Model adjustments. Definition of cutting tool and cutting conditions.
4. Boundaries and patterns and their utilization for finishing.
5. Workplanes. Setup of workplanes and their use for machining. Milling in 4D
6. Selection and application of technology.
7. Cutting conditions selection.
8. Simulation and verification.
9. Data output form CAM.
10. Postprocessing and postprocessors.
11. NC code and its adjustments, NC code validation.
12. CAM and its connection in PLM.
13. Modern trends of automated programming.
Osnova cvičení
1. Introduction.
2. 3D milling partprogram setup. Roughing.
3. 3D milling partprogram setup. Semifinishing and finishing.
4. Model import and adjustments. Definiton of cutting tools and cutting conditions enrty.
5. Finishing using boundaries and patterns.
6. Procedure of 4D milling, roughing, finishing.
7. Semestral project - geometries, roughing.
8. Semestral project - semifinishing.
9. Semestral project - finishing.
10. Semestral project - simulation and optimalization.
11. Semestral project - NC program and it simulation.
12. Semestral project - Machining on CNC machine.
13. Assessment.
- Powermill software webpage - http://powermill.com (www.delcam.com)
- Journal of Computational Design and Engineering - http://www.jcde.org
General knowledge about metal cutting, milling technology and milling tools.

Knowledge of modelling in CAD software is advantage.
Klíčová slova
CNC, NC programming, CAM, PowerMill
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