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Quality (E341080)
Departments:ústav obrábění, proj. a metrologie (12134)
Valid until: ??Range:2P+0C+1L
In this course students are acquainted with basic concepts and documents in the field of quality management. Furthermore with the role of metrology in quality management systems and basic statistical methods used for quality assurance.
Ing. Libor Beránek Ph.D.
Letní 2023/2024
Ing. Jan Šimota
Letní 2022/2023
Ing. Libor Beránek Ph.D.
Letní 2021/2022
1. Product Life Cycle and Quality, Development of QMS
2. Quality management systems - normative and strategic programs
3. Quality tools and their application
4. Basic statistical terms, continuous and discrete distributions, production stability
5. Statistical process control, statistical sampling
6. Quality planning, Quality Control
7. Quality assurance, Quality Improvement
8. Lean manufacturing, VSM, 5S, 8D
9. Metrology – legal metrology, industrial metrology
10. Modern quality control technologies, CMM and CMS
11. Functional principles of measuring sensors and their application
12. Acceptance and verification testing of CMM
13. Capability of process Cp, Cpk, and capability of gauge Cg, Cgk
14. Measurement System Analysis – MSA
Structure of tutorial
1. Fundamentals of data processing, histogram, Pareto analysis.
2. Metrological traceability, testing, calibration.
3. Statistical process control.
4. Capability of process.
5. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - FMEA.
6. Geometrical Product Specifications and Inspection.
7. Test.
- Quality Control For Dummies, Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.
- Six Sigma for Dummies,Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.
- Qaulity Management Demystified, Sid Kemp
- Statistical Quality Control, Douglas C. Montgomery
quality, statistical methods, quality assurance, tools, standards
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