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Applied Optics (E362503)
Katedra:ústav přístrojové a řídící techniky (12110)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:2+2
Zakončení:KZJazyk výuky:EN
The course introduces students to the functions of basic optical instruments and shows their applications.
1. Human eye and vision, eye characteristics, aberrations.
2. Spectacles. Magnifying lens: resolving power, magnification, types.
3. Microscope: optical scheme, main characteristics.
4. Microscope design, objectives, eyepieces, diopter correction.
5. Image projection and record. Inverted and stereo microscope.
6. Illumination system of a microscope. Abbe's theory of image formation.
7. Contrast enhancing techniques in microscopy: dark field, phase contrast.
8. Contrast enhancing techniques in microscopy: polarization, fluorescence, differential interference contrast.
9. Refracting telescopes: Galileo, Kepler.
10. Reflecting telescopes. Astronomical telescopes.
11. Collimator, autocollimator. Surveying telescopes, periscope, binoculars. Focusing system.
12. Cameras, projectors.
13. Optical systems with variable parametres (zoom).
Osnova cvičení
Problems and laboratory work related to lectures.
Williams Ch., Becklund O.: Optics: A Short Courese for Engineers and Scientists, Wiley, 1972
Kingslake R.: Optical System Design, Academic Press, London, 1983
Klíčová slova
magnifying lens,microscope, telescope, zoom
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