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Database and Knowledge Systems (E371090)
Departments:ústav přístrojové a řídící techniky (12110)
Valid until: ??Range:2P+2C
Basic data models. Types and examples of database systems. Management of database systems. Design of database systems - examples. Programming techniques. Language SQL. Fundamentals of programming in database system MS ACCESS.
Introduction in knowledge-based systems. Examples of applying knowledge-based systems in Engineering.
Rule-based and expert systems.
Fuzzy set theory. Computations with fuzzy sets. Fuzzy logic.

Ing. Vladimír Hlaváč Ph.D.
Letní 2023/2024
prof. Ing. Jiří Bíla DrSc.
Letní 2022/2023
Ing. Vladimír Hlaváč Ph.D.
Letní 2022/2023
prof. Ing. Jiří Bíla DrSc.
Letní 2021/2022
Ing. Vladimír Hlaváč Ph.D.
Letní 2021/2022
P1. Introduction. General operations with information provided in database systems. ISO-8859 and UTF8.
P2. E - R diagrams, relational diagrams. Integrity constraints for relationships defined in the DBS.
P3. RDBMS models. Relational database systems. Client/server systems. Codd's rules for relational DBMS. Set and relational operations in a relational database system. Normalization of databases.
P4, P5. Database application programming languages. Structured query language - SQL.
P6. Classic database programs for personal computers. Client/server systems, work with MS Access.
P7. NOSQL databases.
P8. Advanced SQL. Stored functions, triggers.
P9. Simple database applications on the web: Forms, php language.
P10. Simple database applications on the web: A simple application.
P11. Rule-based and expert systems.
P12. Fuzzy sets. Fuzzy set operations. Fuzzyfication and computing with fuzzy variables. Fuzzy logic. Use of fuzzy logic.
P13. Other examples of using databases.
Structure of tutorial
C1. Introduction into course.
C2. E-R diagram of an application
C3. SQL 1.
C4. SQL 2. Assignment of semestral tasks.
C5. SQL 3.
C6. Programming in MS ACCESS.
C7. Programming in data-base using SQL..
C8. Advanced SQL. Webhosting.
C9. Dynamic html page.
C10. Html generated from an SQL server response.
C11. Expert systems.
C12. Fuzzy sets.
C13. Testing of semester tasks. Conclusion of the semester.
Databases, knowledge systems, rule based systems, expert systems, fuzzy logic, SQL
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