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Computer Support for Study (E372041)
Departments:ústav přístrojové a řídící techniky (12110)
Valid until: ??Range:1P+1C
The course introduces students into creating technical and professional documents on computers or Web and into realizing technical computations with the use of computers. Students gain practical skills by creating an essay in a text editor, by realizing technical computations with a spreadsheet calculator, and by creating technical-based WWW page (web materials on http://users.fs.cvut.cz/ivo.bukovsky/CSS/2013, 2014 ).
Ing. Vladimír Hlaváč Ph.D.
Zimní 2019/2020
Ing. Vladimír Hlaváč Ph.D.
Letní 2018/2019
Ing. Vladimír Hlaváč Ph.D.
Zimní 2018/2019
Ing. Vladimír Hlaváč Ph.D.
Letní 2017/2018
doc. Ing. Mgr. Petr Klán CSc.
Zimní 2017/2018
1 Working with text editors, advanced use of MS Word.
2. Introduction to technical and scientific computations via computers, MS Excell.
3. Solving some technical problems via spreadsheets,making final version of the technical-based project with graphs and computations.
4. Introduction into Matlab
5. Introduction to Python (Numpy, Matplotlib).
6 Introduction into symbolic computations (Maple, Python\Sympy)
7. Introduction to HTML, (CSS, tag div).
Structure of tutorial
1) Checking student network accounts and computer lab software. Electronic email.,Essay or professional Technical Article with predefined structure.
2) Technical and scientific computations, data visualization., MS Excel.
3) Advanced techniques with MS Excel, filters, pivot chart , pivot table.
4) Technical and scientific computations, data visualization. Matlab.
5) Technical and scientific computations, data visualization.Python.
6) Practicing symbolic computations (Maple, Python\Sympy). Web page outlining in HTML (CSS, div).
7) Final Test
website of the class
online resources specified at class
Active work on exercises
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