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Computer Support for Study (E372041)
Departments:ústav přístrojové a řídící techniky (12110)
Valid until: ??Range:1P+1C
The course introduces students into creating technical and professional documents on computers or Web and into realizing technical computations with the use of computers. Students gain practical skills by creating an essay in a text editor, by realizing technical computations with a spreadsheet calculator, and by creating and presenting a web page.
Ing. Vladimír Hlaváč Ph.D.
Zimní 2022/2023
Ing. Vladimír Hlaváč Ph.D.
Zimní 2021/2022
Ing. Vladimír Hlaváč Ph.D.
Zimní 2020/2021
1 Working with text editors, advanced use of MS Word. Equation editor, tables, drawing, styles, templates, etc.
2 Scientific and engineering resources on the internet. Reasonable queries on Google. Scopus, IEEE explorer. References in the MS Word. Introduction into MS Powerpoint.
3-4 MS Excel: data import and export, data visualization by graphs. Use for data from labs and their evaluation. Work with texts. Work with (not only economic) tables, filters, conditional formatting, processing data using supplementary calculated columns. Graphs of 2D and 3D functions. Matrix functions.
5 Introduction into Matlab (matrix functions, vectors, graph of e function, work with graphs). Simulink, simple model of a dynamic system, defined by a differential equation.
6 Web pages, free webhosting. Html language, CSS introduction.
7 Basic examples of dynamic web pages. Embedding of a JavaScript, examples. Forms and php.
Structure of tutorial
1) Checking students' network accounts and mail. Computer lab software.
2) Technical article with predefined structure in the MS Word. Equation editor, tables, drawing, styles, etc.
3) Research on the web for a scientific resources, Scopus, IEEE explorer. References in the MS Word.
3-4) Use of the MS Excel for an engineering computations. Graphs, graphs of a function, data import and export.
4) Advanced techniques with MS Excel, filters, conditional formating, work with a text variables and indirect references.
5) Technical and scientific computations and data visualization using Matlab and Simulink.
6) Web pages, free webhosting. Html language, CSS introduction.
7) Final Test
website of the class
online resources specified at class
Active work on exercises
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