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Biomass and Renewable Energy (E151094)
Katedra:ústav energetiky (12115)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:2P+2C
Zakončení:Z,ZKJazyk výuky:EN
The course comprises from 1/3 of general survey of various renewable energy sources (wind , hydro, solar and geothermal power) and the other 2/3 are dedicated to origin, types properties and energy coversion technologies of biomass.
The course is divided into following consecutive sections:
- general RES introduction
- hydropower
- wind energy
- solar and geothermal energy
- biomass in general
- biomass as a fuel
- combustion of biomass
- gasification of biomass
- liquid fuels from biomass (pyrolysis, FAME, ethanol)
- biogas
Osnova cvičení
Individual projects and presentations
No general literature for the course available. Materials will be provided during the course.
Knowledge of thermodynamics (or physical chemistry), fluid mechanics and chemistry according to bachelor level.
Klíčová slova
biomass; renewable energy sources
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