Technology of Air Protection (E153006)
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The legislative framework for the protection of air. Mechanisms of major pollutants in the transformation of primary energy in the fuel into heat and electricity. Methods of reduction of pollutants and ways of waste gases before entering the atmosphere. Dispersion of pollutants in the ground layer of the atmosphere. The course is an excursion to the exhaust gas cleaning systems and monitoring emission concentration at ZEVO Praha-Malešice.
Osnova cvičení
1. Basic concepts, emissions, air pollution, emission limit ; pollutant types , categorization of sources of air pollution. Air protection authorities in the country.
2. Continuation - other statutory standards , the law on the assessment of environmental impact
3. Expression of the emission limit, the concentration of pollutants and their conversions. Characteristics of the fuel in terms of composition. Fuel quality requirements, specific sulfur content . Emission limits for waste incineration , waste incinerators . Determination of specific emission limit.
4. Special Issue - PAH and PCDD / F. Requirements for emissions testing, single and continuous measurement.
5. The emergence of major pollutants - mechanisms of CO , NOx and SO2 . Dispersion of pollutants in the air
6. Analysis of pollutants - Sampling and sample preparation issues
7. The oxygen concentration , moisture content in the exhaust gas analysis
8. Analysis of CO , CO2 and NOx
9. Analysis of SO2 , PAP and particulate pollutants.
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