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Computer Aided Design (E181012)
Katedra:ústav procesní a zpracov. techniky (12118)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:2P+2C
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Project management. Project making methodology with PC support. Flowsheeting. Mass and enthalpy balances of process lines, unique methodology for balancing in EXCEL, structure and usage of professional project making software PRO II (SimSci Co.-USA). Assumption of PRO II and solution of own project case. Basic design. Project optimization, cost engineering, choice of proper equipment type, investment and operation cost structure, cost assessment.
No. Lecture
1 Process design (PD) accuracy, PD steps.
2 Pitra: Project management-invited lecture.
3 Project conception and definition.
Documentation needed for building application.
4 Flow-sheeting techniques, equipment and streams numbering and symbols used, equipment data sheets
5 Mass and enthalpy (M&E] balances principles and techniques-simulation programs.
6 Mass balances in EXCEL.
7 Mass balances in EXCEL.
8 M&E Balances in EXCEL.
9 M&E Balances in EXCEL-special cases.
10 PRO II software, demonstration case.
11 Roušar: Project management and project implementation.
12 Project implementation, production, maintenance, hazard.
13 Process design optimization.
14 Capital cost estimation
Manufacturing cost estimation
Investment and operation cost structure.
Osnova cvičení
No. Seminar
1 Information sources
2 Narrowing the possibilities
3 Distribution of home-works, EXCEL physical properties data and EXCEL special operations
4 Flow-sheeting in AUTOCAD, Smart Draw and EXCEL
5 Case1: Manufacture of soda-bicarbonate
6 Case1: Manufacture of soda-bicarbonate
7 Case 2: Heating of a dwelling house
8 Case 2: Heating of a dwelling house
9 Case 3: Manufacture of reduced iron
10 PRO II- Case 1 and 2
11 PRO II- Case 3-4
12 PRO II- Case 5
13 Case 1: Optimization of reactor design
14 Estimation of equipment prize-inflation, size, material, risk effects Structure of costs for built in heat exchanger
1. University Samba server
Ditl>PPP- Czech or English version of the course:
P.Ditl and J.Skřivánek:Flowsheeting
a Microsoft EXCEL- lectures-new concept, solved cases in EXCEL,
PRO II Manual (in Czech)- (for English version contact secretary) Invited lectures (power point): Prof. Pitra and
Ass. Prof. I. Roušar
2. Gael D. Ulrich: A guide to chemical engineering process and economics, John Wiley & Sons, 1984
3. Max S. Peters, Klaus D. Timmerhaus: Plant design and economics for chemical engineers,
McGraw Hill, 2003, www.esnips.com
4. Harry Silla: CHEMICAL PROCESS ENGINEERING Design and Economics, MARCEL DEKKER, INC. NEW YORK - BASEL, 2003, www.esnips.com
5. Pavel Ditl and Jaroslav Skřivánek: www.ditl.cz : Flowsheeting a Microsoft EXCEL
Solution of the set of equations.
EXCEL basis.
Technical thermodynamics basis.
Courses about equipment design of process lines components (pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, etc?..
Klíčová slova
project design, mass and enthalpy balances, PRO II, optimization, simulation, project economics
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