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Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (E181075)
Departments:ústav procesní a zpracov. techniky (12118)
Valid until: ??Range:3P+1C
Theory and basic calculations of the following processes and equipment: flow in pipes and pipe networks, flow in porous and packed beds, filtration, sedimentation and bubbling, separation of mixtures by centrifugal force, fluidization, liquid mixing, storage and transport of particulate materials, crushing and milling, separation and granulation, mixing of particulate solids.
1. Course introduction, fundamentals of cartesian tensor calculus .

2. Fundamental balance equations. General transport equation, material derivative. Equation of continuity. Momentum balance - Cauchy´s equation of dynamical equilibrium in continua.

3. Angular momentum balance. Kinematics of fluid flow. Rheological constitutive equations.

4. Navier-Stokes equation.

5. Inspection analysis of the Navier-Stokes equation. Drag coefficient with flow around objects.

6. Solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations in limiting cases. Engineering Bernoulli equation. Darcy-Weissbach equation. Frictional loss coefficient. Boundary layer.

7. Turbulent flow. Friction factor and frictional losses and drag coefficient with turbulent flow. Mechanical energy balance.

8. Residence time distribution. Internal energy balance and heat transfer. Fourier´s law of heat conduction.

9. Fourier-Kirchhoff ´s equation. Fourier´s equation. Steady-state heat conduction. Thermal resistance. Overall heat tranfer coefficient.

10. Multidimensional heat conduction problems. Heat conduction with internal sources or sinks. Unsteady heat conduction in solids.

11. Forced convection. Momentum and heat transfer analogy.

12. Natural convection. Mixed convection. Heat transfer with boiling and condensation

13. Radiation heat transfer. Fundamental concepts and equations of mass transfer.

14. Fick´s law. Molecular mass transfer. Mass transfer with chemical reactions. Unsteady mass transfer. Convective mass transfer. Interphase mass transfer.
Structure of tutorial
1. Course introduction. Practical examples of momentum and heat transfer.

2. Basis of tensor calculus - examples. Application of angular momentum balance.

3. Solutions of momentum balance - Cauchy´s equation in one-dimensional cases.

4. Approximation solution of momentum balance.

5. Solution of steady-state heat conduction without and with internal sources.

6. Solution of unsteady heat conduction in solids.

7. Forced and natural convection. Calculation of heat exchanger.
Momentum transfer, heat transfer, mass transfer.
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