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Computational Fluid Dynamics (E181107)
Departments:ústav procesní a zpracov. techniky (12118)
Valid until: ??Range:2P+2C
Lectures are oriented upon fundamentals of CFD and first of all to control volume methods (application using Fluent)
doc. Ing. Karel Petera Ph.D.
Zimní 2019/2020
prof. Ing. Rudolf Žitný CSc.
Zimní 2019/2020
prof. Ing. Rudolf Žitný CSc.
Zimní 2018/2019
prof. Ing. Rudolf Žitný CSc.
Zimní 2017/2018
1. Applications
Aerodynamics. Drag coefficient.
hydraulic systems (fuel pumps, injectors), spray and droplet formation, new application magnetorheological and electrorheological fluids / suspension, brakes.
Chemical engineering reactors, combustion.

2.Implementation CFD in standard software packages Fluent Ansys Gambit.
Problem classification: compressible/incompressible. Types of PDE (hyperbolic, eliptic, parabolic) - examples.

3.Weighted residual Methods (steady state methods, transport equations). Finite differences, finite element, control volume and meshless methods.

4. Mathematical and physical requirements of good numerical methods: stability, boundedness, transportiveness. Order of accuracy. Stability analysis of selected schemes.

5. Balancing (mass, momentum, energy). Fluid element and fluid particle. Transport equations.

6. Navier Stokes equations. Turbulence. Transition laminar-turbulent. RANS models: gradient diffusion (Boussinesque). Prandtl, Spalart Alamaras, k-epsilon, RNG, RSM. LES, DNS.

7. Navier Stokes equations solvers. Problems: checkerboard pattern. Control volume methods: SIMPLE, and related techniques for solution of pressure linked equations. Approximation of convective terms (upwind, QUICK). Techniques implemented in Fluent.

8. Applications: Combustion (PDF models), multiphase flows.
Structure of tutorial
Fluent tutorials
Fundamental mathematics (derivatives, integrals, vectors)
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