Bachelor´s Thesis (E223992)
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The Bachelor Thesis assignment is largely based on the practical needs of the industry or the research and development objectives of the university.
The content is a structural design of a selected part of the airplane structure including the creation of a 3D model of the designed structure, determination of the loading and the stress analysis, proposition and execution of the experiment with designed part of structure under the leadership of consultants and supervisors of the work (if required). Working out of the bachelor work.
Osnova cvičení
Individual according to the assigned theme under the supervision of the bachelor thesis supervisor.
- D. P. Raymer: Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach, AIAA Education Series, Washington 1989, ISBN 0-930403-51-7
- Other literature - Assigned by the supervisor of bachelor thesis according to assigned theme
Completion of subjects Branch Project I and Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Klíčová slova
Aircraft Structure, CAD Systems, Stress Analysis, Laboratory Tests
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