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Non-metallic Materials (E321073)
Departments:ústav materiálového inženýrství (12132)
Valid until: ??Range:2P+2C
The lectures cover the entire range of non-metallic engineering materials, a majority of them are devoted to polymer materials which are most frequently used in mechanical engineering and the volume of their consumption highly exceeds that of the rest of non-metallic materials. Emphasis is laid on explanation and realization of basic terms in the field of non-metallic materials. The lectures also deal with standardization, environmental and economical aspects which follow from the different properties of non-metallic and metallic materials.
Hana Jelínek Šourková
Zimní 2021/2022
Basic chemistry of polymeric materials
Additives for plastics and their functions
Molecular structure of polymers
Thermal properties of polymers
Physical and chemical properties of polymers
The mechanical properties of polymers, the temperature and time dependence
Fracture behavior of polymeric materials
Degradation processes in polymeric materials
Polymer blends and alloys
Overview of engineering plastics and the specific characteristics of each type
Composite materials, matrix and reinforcement
Technical rubber, structure and properties
Constructive ceramics, crystal structure and properties
Carbon materials, structure and properties
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