Material Engineering (E321080)
Departments:ústav materiálového inženýrství (12132)
Valid until: ??Range:2P+2C
The course is an analysis of the basic approaches of Material Engineering as an interdisciplinary field that is based on physics, chemistry and other technical fields, but is also interested in knowledge of medicine, economics and ecology. It follows the courses Physical metallurgy, metal and non-metallic materials.
Internal structure of technical materials.
Thermodynamic, kinetic and mechanism of phase transformation
Plastic deformation of metal materials
Reinforcing and Bases processes in metallic materials
Mechanism of phase transformation
Breach process and fracture mechanics
Basic mechanical properties and testing
Degradation processes in materials
Processing, properties and application of selected steel and cast iron
Processing, properties and application of selected non-ferrous metals and their alloys
Processing, properties and uses of selected engineering polymers
Processing, properties and applications of composite materials
Processing, properties and applications of technical ceramics
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