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Technology II. (E341014)
Departments:ústav obrábění, proj. a metrologie (12134)
Valid until: ??Range:2P+2L
Mechanics of chip formation, cutting processes, finishing operations, non-traditional machining processes. Production rates calculation, machining economics. Automation of processes, programming of manufacture. Engineering metrology. Assembly techniques. Introduction to process planing.
Ing. Jan Tomíček Ph.D.
Zimní 2019/2020
Ing. Jan Tomíček Ph.D.
Letní 2018/2019
Ing. Jan Tomíček Ph.D.
Zimní 2018/2019
Ing. Jan Tomíček Ph.D.
Zimní 2017/2018
1. Theory cutting - inception chippings and her classification.
2. Theory cutting - force, warmth and cutting temperature.
3. Theory cutting - system SPID, tool abrasion and its sharpening.
4. Economies of the cutting process - optimum cutting conditions computation, drafting, boundary batch.
5. CNC machine tools - division, their evolution and evolution of their technological possibilities.
6. Hand programming - programming of lathe and milling machines, cycles.
7. Mechanical programming - CAM systems, systems of workshop programming.
8. Automatization of mass production - types machine and their technological possibilities.
9. Thread production - used technologies and their technological possibilities.
10. Production of tooth system - used technologies and their technological possibilities.
11. Finishing methods - used technologies and their technological possibilities.
12. Unconventional method - used technologies and their technological possibilities.
13. Design construction - fundamentals, classification. Assembly - styles, activities at assembly, assembly design.
Structure of tutorial
1. Metrology - metering longitude, calibre, run-out.
2. Metrology - metering thread and tooth systém.
3. Theory cutting - metering force and temperature measuring.
4. Theory cutting - metering tool wear.
5. Automatization production workpiece - types machine and their technological possibilities.
6. Hand programming - assemblage NC programme for CNC lathe and for CNC milling machine.
7. Machining process planning - procedures and documents.
8. Mechanical programming - CAM systems, make-up of partprograms.
9. Cutting tools - material, cutting geometry, sharpening.
10. Economics of the cutting process - calculation boundary dues and opt. cutting conditions.
11. Consultation of semestral work.
12. Spec. technology - shaving, finishing cut method, production thread and tooth system.
13. Unconventional technology - segmentation and their technological possibilities. Assembly - fundamentals of segmentation construction according to assembly, assembly organization.
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Basics of cutting technology.
material cutting theory, methods of holding the work
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