Industrial Automation (E371110)
Katedra:ústav přístrojové a řídící techniky (12110)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:2P+2L
Zakončení:Z,ZKJazyk výuky:EN
In this course, students will learn the basic principles of automated systems used in current industrial practice, especially focused on the use of advanced procedures in the spirit of the Industry 4.0 initiative. Specifically, these are PLCs and PLCs, Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI), Robotic Manufacturing Systems (RMS). Use of controlled drives, industrial sensors, micro machining, methods of system integration and MES systems. Human Machine Interface (HMI) and SCADA Systems (Visualization and Data Collection). Databases and cyber security, data analysis. Machine vision (including optical processing and image preprocessing) and machine learning.
Ing. Pavel Trnka Ph.D.
Zimní 2019/2020
1. Control systems
2. Electric drives for automation 1
3. Electric drives for automation 2
4. Robotization
5. System Integration (MES)
6. Micro machining
7. Industrial HMI Design
8. Databases and cyber security
9. Data analysis
10. Optical image processing for machine vision
11. Machine vision
12. Machine learning
Osnova cvičení
Klíčová slova
Automation, PLC, SCADA, Industrial communication
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