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Project III (E373133)
Departments:ústav přístrojové a řídící techniky (12110)
Valid until: ??Range:0P+5C
The project serves as a preparation for the Diploma Thesis. Students work on a preliminary version of their Thesis. In this subject, they prepare a report, in the range of 10-15 pages. Students prepare presentations and present it on the final seminar. Finally, they prepare an article for the department conference proceedings. As another benefit, students and the department teachers are informed about the work of other students and can consult it and compare its own work.

The results are evaluated and another publication or participation on a student competition can be recommended.
Individual work controlled by a teacher. Research, problem solving, documentation, presentation, discussion.
Structure of tutorial
No regular classes, most of the work should be done individually, or with the individual supervisor. Only four seminars are organised:
• 1st week, introduction and evaluation of the previous project (Project I, Project II).
• 3rd week, checking of submissions of projects and the thesis, assuming students to supervisors.
• diploma thesis submission – the actual week depends on the program of the academic year
• last week of the semester – public presentation of the projects.
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