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Thermal Power Cycles (E151079)
Katedra:ústav energetiky (12115)
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The lectures are focused on developing the knowledge required to analyse energy cycles performance (e.g. efficiency, power output, work and heat input) from cycle data. Steam Power (Rankine) Cycle: beginning with a simple cycle and adding more refinements (feedheating, economiser etc.). Application to electrical power generation where the heat source is supplied by: i) fossil fuel and ii) nuclear fuel. Gas Turbine (Brayton) Cycle: simple, then add intercooler, heat exchanger and reheater. The use of gas turbines for gas turbines to electrical power generation. Latest developments with concentrated solar energy as a heat source. Cooling towers.
Hybrid systems: CHP, steam turbine with gas turbine. Exergy analysis of the energy cycles.
1. Introduction to the energy engineering
2. Survey of thermodynamics, 1,2 and 3 laws of thermodynamics, energy transformations
3. Limits of the energy flow density
4. Simple energy cycles, Performance criteria for steam cycle (Rankine) gas turbine (Brighton)
5. Combined cycles
6. Steam cycle (Rankine). Detailed description with the auxiliary systems. Efficiency enhancement and refinements.
7. Effect of the back pressure. Feed water heating.
8. Steam reheating. Design and computation of the steam cycle schema.
9. Gas turbines. Efficiency enhancement and refinements. Pressure ratio effect. Internal heat regeneration.
10. Intercooling and reheating of the gas turbine. Design of the gas turbine cycle.
11. Heating station, joint production of the heat and electricity.
12. Economy aspect for the district heating station
13. Exergy analysis of the energy cycles.
14. Application of the exergy analysis on the steam, gas and combined power plant
R.W. Haywood: Analysis of Engineering Cycles. (Pergamon Press, 1991).
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