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Renewable Energy Sources (E151702)
Katedra:ústav energetiky (12115)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:2P+2C
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The course presents an overview of currently used renewable energy sources. The course deals with the broader context of their domestic and global potential, possibilities of their use and impact on the environment. The course also deals with some detail technologies using renewable energy sources. The emphasis is primarily on those resources that have the greatest potential in the Czech Republic, in particular hydropower, wind, solar and bio-energy, but not neglecting other types of renewable sources such as geothermal energy, ocean energy, and others.
1. The potential use of renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic and the world
2. Bioenergy I.
3. Bioenergy II.
4. Hydropower I.
5. Hydropower II. - Ocean energy
6. Wind energy
7. Solar Energy
8. Geothermal energy
9. Alternative energy - hydrogen technology, etc.
Osnova cvičení
The aim of the exercise is primarily individual work of students who are preparing a short essay on an assigned topics. Present their work in front of other students and discuss the issue.
The subject also includes excursions to some real-world applications of renewable energy sources such as biogas plant, biomass power plants or hydroelectric power.
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