Waste Water Treatment and Gaseous Emission Reduction (E181089)
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Waste water = WW pollution, amount of sewage, determination of pollution, self-purification of surface water, principles (processes) of waste water treatment, mechanical and biological treatment (aerobic and anaerobic), sludge management, examples of typical equipments and types of various waste water treatment plants = WWTP (mechanical + aerobic + anaerobic; mechanical + anaerobic + aerobic).
Renewable sources of energy, places of emissions origin, methods and equipments of emissions reduction. Mechanical waste gases cleaning (dust etc. separation) = dry and wet separators, filters, electro-filters. Processes and equipments for harmful gaseous substances collecting and treatment (SO2,NOx, volatile organic compounds ...).
1. Ecological balance and impacts, hydrological balance, types of water and their characteristic, calculation of WW amount and its pollution.
2. Design of WWTP and sewage system, kinds of WW pollution, determination of WW pollution, recipient, self purification of surface water.
3. Principles of WW treatment. Mechanical ways of WWT - bar screens, screen filters, sand filters, sand traps, hydro-cyclones, vortex traps, slot settlers. Sedimentation of particles.
4. Types of settlers, lamella separator, grease and oil catchers. Data for their design.
5. Sludge management, sludge treatment and their mechanical dewatering. Biological WWT - microbial growth phases in WW, comparison of aerobic and anaerobic ways of WWT, WW clearing on roots.
6. Trickling filter, rotary biological contactors. Aerobic WWT (activation, activated sludge, types of activation tanks, types of activation and their parameters), WWTP monitoring and control. Ways of aeration.
7. Anaerobic WWT, anaerobic processes, agitated reactor, UASB reactor, sludge digester, anaerobic column with filling.
8. Examples of typical flow sheets of WWTP for sewage and WW from a sugar factory, other practical examples and experiences. Excursion to ÚČOV Trója.
9. Ecology and living environment, sources of emissions, methods of gas cleaning, properties of particles and other contaminants, principles of their separation. Types of separators.
10. Surface, kinetic, electric and transfer properties of particles. Physical and chemical principles of gaseous pollutants separation. Diffusive separating operations.
11. Cyclones and their design, wet separators, filters, el. separators. Principles of volatile organic compounds disposal.
12. Separation of volatile organic compounds, procedure of selection of proper technology. Principles of desulphurization.
13. Dry, wet-dry and wet flue gas desulphurization, regenerative heat exchangers, temperature regime of the process.
14. Regenerative methods of desulphurization. Examples of various ways and practical experiences.
Osnova cvičení
1. Ecological balances
2. Design of sewers.
3. Design of cesspool, septic tank
4. Design of sand filter and irrigation tubes.
5. Sludge and sand sedimentation.
6. Design of air-lift pump.
7. Design of WWTP - calculation of WW amount and its pollution.
8. Design of WWTP - trickling filter, rotary biological contactor.
9. Design of WWTP - activation. Effect of WW on recipient. Comparison of results.
10. Desulphurization - wet-dry method (balance and design).
11. Desulphurization - wet method (balance and design).
12. Excursion to a waste water treatment plant.
13. Final test

Semestral project:
Description of a WWTP from a region where a student comes from.
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CD Rom with lectures and exercises
See: http://fsinet.fsid.cvut.cz/cz/U218/peoples/hoffman/PREDMETY/COVP/covp.htm
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waste water, municipal waste water, industrial waste water, waste water treatment
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