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Waste Water Treatment and Gas Purification (E181703)
Katedra:ústav procesní a zpracov. techniky (12118)
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Physical and chemical principles of waste water and gas cleaning, machines and apparatuses used for waste water treatment and gas purification, design and calculations of selected technologies for waste water treatment and gas purification, ecological requirements, global ecological aspects including economic assessment.
• Ecological balance, hydrological balance, types of waste water (WW) and their characteristics, calculation of waste water production and its pollution.
• Design of waste water treatment plant (WWTP) and sewage treatment, kinds of WW pollution. Principles and methods of waste water treatment (WWT).
• Mechanical treatment of WW.
• Biological WWT, comparison of aerobic and anaerobic ways of WWT. Sludge management and treatment.
• Aerobic WWT (activation, activated sludge, types of activation tanks, types of activation and their parameters), WWTP monitoring and control. Methods of aeration.
• Anaerobic WWT, agitated reactor, UASB reactor, sludge digester, anaerobic column with filling..
• Physical methods of WWT.
• Examples of typical flow sheets of WWTP for sewage and WW from a sugar factory, other practical examples and experiences. Disinfection of WW.
• Sources of emissions and methods for their reduction. Methods of gas cleaning, principles of separation.
• Mechanical gas cleaning. Properties of particles and other contaminants. Types of separators and cyclones, evaluation of their effectiveness.
• Wet separators, filters, electrical separators. Principles of gaseous emission reduction.
• Separation of inorganic and organic compounds. Separation of SO2, NOx, CO2 and volatile organic compounds.
• Principles of desulphurisation. Dry, wet-dry and wet flue gas desulphurisation, Regenerative methods of desulphurisation.
• Kohl, A.L., Nielsen, R.: Gas purification, Gulf Professional Publishing, 1997
• Gray N. F.: Water technology. Elsevier 2005
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