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Progressive Processes of Energy Utilization (E183014)
Katedra:ústav procesní a zpracov. techniky (12118)
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The scope of this subject is to introduce the fields of study in bachelor study programs "Engineering" and "Theoretical Fundamentals in Mechanical Engineering". Student gets knowledge of fundamentals in Environmental, Power and Process Engineering . In the field of Environmental Engineering, fundamentals of heating, ventilation, cooling, alternative sources of energy, separators and protection against dust and noise are presented. As for Power Engineering, heat and electricity production from fossil and renewable sources is presented, needs and applications of these energy forms in the industrial and private sectors are discussed. In the field of Process Engineering, technologies, machines and equipment in food, consumer and chemical industries, pharmacy, biotechnologies and waste treatment technologies are presented. Based on this information, student gets finally more detailed information during the processing of a brief seminar paper on selected topic, in which she/he is interested in.
Osnova cvičení
1. Introduction to the topics, information about specializations
2. Fundamentals of Power Engineering
3. Educational excursion scoped on Power Engineering (EC Kladno, ZEVO)
4. Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
5. Educational excursion scoped on Environmental Engineering (NTK)
6. Fundamentals of Process Engineering
7. Educational excursion scoped on Process Engineering (Staropramen, Mitas)
8. A more detailed presentation of problematics in Power Engineering related to the excursion
9. A more detailed presentation of problematics in Environmental Engineering related to the excursion
10. A more detailed presentation of problematics in Process Engineering related to the excursion
11. Presentation of seminar papers
12. Presentation of seminar papers
13. Presentation of seminar papers
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