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Vehicle Concept, Structure, Aggregates and Safety (E211112)
Katedra:ústav autom.,sp.motorů a kolej.voz. (12120)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:2P+1C
Zakončení:Z,ZKJazyk výuky:EN
The topic covers the fields of design of vehicles, which are not treated in other topics in order to complete the information of design of all vehicle parts. The topic is splitted into three parts: a) Passive safety, b) design of frames and body structures, c) Desing of Chassis elements and aggregates
doc. Dr. Ing. Gabriela Achtenová
Letní 2023/2024
Ing. Lukáš Kazda
Letní 2023/2024
doc. Dr. Ing. Gabriela Achtenová
Letní 2022/2023
Ing. Lukáš Kazda
Letní 2022/2023
Passive safety
1 - Injury criterion
2 - Passive safety elements
3 - Design of vehicle from the passive safety point of view
4 - Simulation and tests of passive safety
Desing of Chassis elements and aggregates
5 - Axles
6 - Steering
7 - Suspension and wheel geometry
8 - Brake system
9 - Design of tyre, wheel rim and axle alignment
Design of body structure
10 - Calculation of frame structures
11 - Design of frame structures
12 - Calculation of frameless body
13 - Design of frameless body
• Ulrich, S.: Automotive safety handbook, ISBN 0-7680-0912-X;
• Huang, M.: Vehicle crash mechanics, ISBN 0-8493-0104-1;
• Nahum, A.: Accidental injury, ISBN-10: 0-387-98820-3
• Dixon J.C.: Tires, Suspension and handling. ISBN 0-340-67796-0
• Heisler H.: Advanced Vehicle Technology. ISBN 0-7680-1071-3
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