Foreign Language I. (E213022)
Katedra:ústav autom.,sp.motorů a kolej.voz. (12120)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:0P+4C
Zakončení:ZJazyk výuky:EN
The course is aimed at students of all nationalities encountering Czech for the first time. It serves as a practical gateway to the language and forms a solid fondation for futher study. The students will learn the basic Czech quickly to be able to start using the language in everyday situations. The Czech grammer is simplified to the maximum while the objective is the communicative focus.
Lecturing material and hand-outs
Information on the organisation of the course, special conditions for the award of ungraded assessment, graded assessment or examination and study materials can be found on the study material server .
Klíčová slova
Basic grammar, Orthography and pronunciation, Basic communication situations
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