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Biomechanics I. (E241718)
Departments:odbor biomechaniky ()
Valid until: ??Range:2P+0C
The basic course of biomechanics deals with biomechanics of tissue. Description of material properties of bone, muscle, ligaments, tendons and CVS tissue is provided with special emphasis on nonlinear viscoelastic properties of living tissue. Selected chapters are devoted to description of constitutive models and tissue remodeling.
Week 1: Philosophy and History of Biomechanics
Week 2: Statics muscular and skeletal system
Week 3: The dynamics of the muscular and skeletal system
Week 4: Mechanics of bones
Week 5: Rheology (nonlinear elastic models, plastic and plastic-elastic material)
Week 6: Rheology (viscoelasticity)
Week 7: Mechanics of soft tissue
Week 8: Mechanics of soft tissue II
Week 9: Biomaterials, biocompatibility, biocomposites
Week 10: Mechanics of respiration
Week 11: Mechanics of cardiovascular system
Week 12: Mechanics of lipid membranes
Week 13: Helfrichova free energy of lipid membranes
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