Biomechanics and Mechanobiology (E244001)
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The Biomechanics and Mechanobiology course introduces the study of biomechanics as a description of the movement of living matter at all levels of the human body (from molecules, to tissues and organs, to the movement of the body itself) and expands biomechanics to include an explanation of the processes that maintain physiological homeostasis such as remodeling and adaptation. The causes of selected diseases are also explained from this perspective.
1. Biomechanics: motion at all scales
2. Biomechanics of cell
3. Tissues
4. Muscle contraction and its mathematical description
5. Load carrying tissues
6. Continuum mechanics (strain and stress)
7. Constitutive description of tissues
8. Adaptation and remodeling
9. Bone as an example
10. Biomechanics of the circulatory system
11. Mechanobiology of the blood vessels
12. Inflammation
13. Pathobiomechanics of the circulation
Taber LA (2020) Continuum Modeling in Mechanobiology. Springer Cham.
Pivonka P (2018) Multiscale Mechanobiology of Bone Remodeling and Adaptation. Springer Cham.
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