Technology I. (E331068)
Katedra:ústav strojírenské technologie (12133)
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Foundry properties of metals. Treatment. Pouring. Casting solidification. Moulding and core making. Thermal treatment. Plastic deformation. Division of forming processes. Semi-products, heating-up. Cutting. Cold and hot forming. Welds. Weldability. Weldment testing. Thermal cutting. Brazing. Surface treatments.
Metal Forming - Main principles of metal forming. - Classification of metal forming processes and terminology. - Preparation of stock material for forming. - Heating for forging. - Technology of bulk metal forming - upsetting. - Open die forging - methods, equipment - Closed die forging - forging procedures, equipment. - Roll forging, cross wedge rolling, rotary forging - principles, equipment. - Extrusion - methods, feasibility of production. - Rolling - methods, equipment, examples. - Drawing of wires and rods. - Sheet metal forming, shearing, bending. - Deep drawing - principles, methods, equipment. - Calculation of deformation forces for the basic forming methods. - Powder metallurgy. - Moulding of thermosetting plastics. - Moulding of thermoplastic materials. - Examples of other manufacturing processes for plastics. - Composites. Welding - Definition and classification of welding, advantages and disadvantages of welding - Basic terms of fusion welding, weld names, butt joint edge preparations, types of weld joints, their realizations - Technology of welded structures, definition, requirements, cases of weld joints - Welding metallurgy, description of individual phases of welding process (heat treatment inclusive) - Influence of gases on the quality of weld metal - Weldability of materials, basic requirements - weldability of steels. - Gas welding - principle, types of flames, welding technigues - Brazing and soldering - physical principle and metallurgical reactions - Electric welding arc - description of static characterization, metal transfer, sources of welding current (characterization) - Manual metal-arc welding (MMA) - Submerged arc welding; SA welding - Gas-shielded metal arc welding - Electroslag welding - Resistance welding - principle, division and description of individual methods - Special welding methods - basic description and division - Building-up - basic characteristics and application - Oxygen cutting and other methods of thermal cutting of materials - Stress and deformation during building-up - principle - Influence of technological conditions on welding stress and deformation - measures for stress and deformation elimination. - Evaluation of quality of welds - aim, basic division into groups and characterization of individual methods. Surface treatment - Metal Corrosion - Corrosion prevention - Surface treatment - types - Pre-treatment - Metal finishing - Inorganic coatings - Organic coatings
Osnova cvičení
1.Introductory, health and fire safety, diagramme Fe-Fe3C - revision, corrosion, kathodic and anodic protection
2. Surface engineering - galvanic zinkování, cleaning of surfaces
3. Surface engineering - test, reports
4. Casting - testing of forming materials
5. Casting - imperfections of castings
6. Casting - riser and gating design, investment casting, simulation of pouring
7. Forming - deformation resistance
8. Forming - deep drawing of four-edge vessel
9. Forming - bulk forming + test
10. Welding - welding robots
11. Welding - inspection of weld joints
12. Welding - MIG, MAG and TIG welding + test
13. Assessment test
Bednář, B. a kol.: Engineering technology I.
Suchánek, J. - Bryksí Stunová, B.: Fundamentals of technology I. Novotný, J. a kol.: Technologie I.
Šanovec, J. a kol.: Technologie I. - návody ke cvičení Němec, M. a kol.: Základy technologie I.
Fundamentals of technology I
Klíčová slova
manufacturing technology, sheet metal forming, bulk forming, casting, welding, surface treatment
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