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Project II. (E372992)
Katedra:ústav přístrojové a řídící techniky (12110)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:0P+5C
Zakončení:KZJazyk výuky:EN
Project for the Advanced Automatic Control or informatics subjects:
Individual project solving problem from the automatic control realm, its' documentation, publication or presentation in the range of the next variants of this project.
Project for the subjects E371047, E371547, E374007, E374008, E371060 or E371135:
Project specialized for advanced technological means of automatic control of computer modeling.
Analysis of the problem, design the structure of control system, design of the HW, SW part of the proposal, the visualization on a PC or operator panels. Documentation of the Project. Economic evaluation (for E371060). Project presentation and defense.
Database project for the subjects E371079 or E375005:
Database project in the MS Access environment using SQL and the Visual Basics (for another means, consult lecturer). Project debugging, documentation, presentation using presentation software and creation of a web page or poster about the project.
Application project for E375004 Python for Scientific Computations and Control, or E371129 Object Oriented Programming:
Design of the application, application preparing, programming, debugging and testing. Manual and documentation. Written report required. Presentation of tested application, poster and eventually web-site creation.
After teacher's recommendation, this project could be enrolled with binding to another subject.

no lectures
Osnova cvičení
Mostly individual work and consultations
Individually recommended
Typically elaborate a report and defend it
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