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E375008 Advanced Automatic Control , 1P+1C, (Annotation)
E161112 Air Pollution Control , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E371014 Algorithms for Engineering Informatics , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E371526 Algorithms for Engineering Informatics , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
2046156 Anglická konverzace - rodilý mluvčí II , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E361098 Applied Optics , 3P+1L, (Annotation)
E371047 Automatic Control , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E371099 Automatic Control Theory , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
B >
E373985 Bachelor Work , 0P+6C, (Annotation)
E183009 Biofuels and Bioproducts from Wastes , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E372122 Branch Project II. , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E132122 Branch Project II. , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E163045 Building and HVAC Systems Simulation , 1P+2C, (Annotation)
C >
E186030 CFD Application in Process Engineering , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E374008 Computer Aided Automatic Control Theory , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E012037 Computer Graphics , 1P+1C, (Annotation)
E372041 Computer Support for Study , 1P+1C, (Annotation)
D >
E371079 Database and Knowledge-based Systems , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
E133025 Design , 0P+4C, (Annotation)
E111069 Design Against Fatigue , 1P+1C, (Annotation)
E331076 Design of Surface Treatment , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E373998 Diploma Thesis , 0P+10C, (Annotation)
E >
E141503 Electrical Machines and Drives , 2P+2L, (Annotation)
E141505 Electrical Machines and Drives , 2P+2L, (Annotation)
E141119 Electrical Measurement and Diagnostics , 2P+1L, (Annotation)
E141506 Electrical Transfer of Signals , 2P+1L, (Annotation)
E141006 Embedded Systems , 2P+2L, (Annotation)
E131023 Engineering Design II. , 2P+3C, (Annotation)
E133014 Engineering Design IV. , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E372050 Engineering Psychology , 1P+1L, (Annotation)
E321504 Experimental Methods of Study Material , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
F >
E212022 Foreign Language II. , 0P+4C, (Annotation)
E161571 Fundamentals of Air Pollution Control , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
E162023 Fundamentals of Alternative Energy Sources , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E153005 Fundamentals of Energy Conversions , 1P+1C, (Annotation)
E343010 Fundamentals of Technology II. , 1P+1L, (Annotation)
H >
E161051 Heat and Moisture Transfer in Environmental Engineering , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E181128 Heat Processes , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
E181508 Heat Transfer Equipment , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E363022 History of Discovery of the Universe , 1P+1C, (Annotation)
E361079 Holography , 2P+1L, (Annotation)
E181502 Hydromechanical Equipment , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E181129 Hydromechanical Processes , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
I >
E181006 Industrial Chemistry , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E361005 Instrumental Technology , 2P+2L, (Annotation)
J >
E371530 Java Programming , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
M >
E131026 Machine Elements and Mechanisms II. , 3P+0C, (Annotation)
E381054 Management and Economics of the Enterprise , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E381712 Managerial and Economic Calculation , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E321080 Material Engineering , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E322029 Materials Science I. , 2P+1L, (Annotation)
E011068 Mathematics II. , 4P+4C, (Annotation)
E375013 Matlab for Simulations , 1P+2C, (Annotation)
E372080 Measurement in Engineering , 2P+2L, (Annotation)
E311102 Mechanics II. , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E321072 Metallic Materials , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E141092 Microelectronics , 2P+1L, (Annotation)
E181026 Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
N >
E321074 Nano and Biomaterials , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E361038 Nanotechnology , 2P+1L, (Annotation)
E161039 Noise and Vibration Control , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E011049 Numerical Mathematics , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
O >
E371129 Object Oriented Programming , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
P >
E181030 Physical Chemistry , 3P+1.7C+0.3L, (Annotation)
E021027 Physics II , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E026003 Physics II. - Seminary , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E023012 Practical Class in Physics II. , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E371147 Process Control , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E181100 Processing Lines , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E371060 Programmable Controller Applications , 2P+2L, (Annotation)
E371135 Programmable Logic Controllers and Visualisation , 2P+1L, (Annotation)
E371087 Programming for Web , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E375002 Programming for Web , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E212023 Project and 3D CAD , 0P+3C, (Annotation)
E183012 Project II. , 0P+5C, (Annotation)
E373112 Project II. , 0P+5C, (Annotation)
E332114 Project II. , 0P+5C, (Annotation)
E363113 Project III. , 0P+10C, (Annotation)
E382093 Project Management and Marketing , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E375004 Python for Scientific Computations and Control , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
Q >
E341080 Quality , 2P+1L, (Annotation)
R >
E181112 Reactor and Bioreactor Design , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
S >
E145003 Small Robot Design , 0P+2L, (Annotation)
E111051 Strength of Materials I. , 3P+3C, (Annotation)
T >
E331068 Technology I. , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E331097 Theory of Joining and Cutting , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E151554 Thermal Turbines , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E121046 Thermomechanics , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E373992 Thesis , 0P+8C, (Annotation)
E133992 Thesis , 0P+8C, (Annotation)
V >
E211112 Vehicle Concept, Structure, Aggregates and Safety , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
W >
E181105 Waste Water Treatment and Gaseous Emission Reduction , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
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