A >
E375008 Advanced Automatic Control , 1P+1C, (Annotation)
E161083 Aerodynamics of Ventilation , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E321076 Aerospace materials , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E161112 Air Pollution Control , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E161079 Air-Conditioning , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E012035 Algorithmization and Programming , 1P+2C, (Annotation)
2046155 Anglická konverzace - rodilý mluvčí , 0+2, (Annotation)
E371076 Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E371047 Automatic Control , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E371110 Automatizace pro průmyslovou praxi , 2P+2L, (Annotation)
B >
E163985 Bachelor Thesis , 0P+6C, (Annotation)
E181135 Basic Equipment Design , 2+2, (Annotation)
E163077 Basic Experimental Methods , 1P+2L, (Annotation)
E151094 Biomass and Renewable Energy , 2+2, (Annotation)
E162121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E152121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E162016 Building and HVAC Systems Simulation , 1P+1C, (Annotation)
C >
E162015 CFD for Thermal Technology II. , 1P+2C, (Annotation)
E181107 Computational Fluid Dynamics , 2+2, (Annotation)
E181071 Computer Aided Design , 2+1, (Annotation)
E374007 Computer Aided Process Control Design , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E372041 Computer Support for Study , 1P+1C, (Annotation)
E011018 Constructive Geometry , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
D >
E181507 Diffusion Separation Equipment , 2+2, (Annotation)
E181127 Diffusion Separation Processes , 3+1, (Annotation)
E >
E141120 Electric Accessories of ICE , 2P+1L, (Annotation)
E141504 Electrical Circuits and Electronics , 2P+2L, (Annotation)
E141005 Embedded systems , 2P+2L, (Annotation)
E132031 Engineering Design I. , 1P+2C, (Annotation)
E133013 Engineering Design III. , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E372050 Engineering Psychology , 1P+1L, (Annotation)
E161022 Environmental Engineering , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E161004 Environmental Engineering , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E211137 Experimental Methods and Measurements , 2+3, (Annotation)
E162569 Experimental Methods I. , 1P+3L, (Annotation)
F >
E111057 Finite Element Method I. , 3+1, (Annotation)
E121502 Fluid Dynamics , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E213022 Foreign Language I. , 0+6, (Annotation)
E213024 Foreign Language III. , 0+6, (Annotation)
E333008 Fundamental of Technology I. , 1P+1L, (Annotation)
E161586 Fundamentals of District Heating , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
E153005 Fundamentals of Energy Conversions , 1+1, (Annotation)
E161596 Fundamentals of Heating , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
E161560 Fundamentals of Sanitary Installations , 2P+3C, (Annotation)
E161564 Fundamentals of Ventilation , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
H >
E161051 Heat and Moisture Transfer in Environmental Engineering , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E322043 Heat Treatment Project , 1P+4C, (Annotation)
E161566 Heating , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E131005 History of Technology , 2P+0C, (Annotation)
E211151 Hybrid Powertrains , 2+1, (Annotation)
CH >
E182019 Chemistry , 2+1, (Annotation)
I >
E372507 Informatic Systems , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E371130 Informatics for Engineers , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
E361097 Instrument Design , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
E371524 Instrumentation for Automatic Control , 3P+2L, (Annotation)
E211126 Internal Combustion Engines , 4+3, (Annotation)
E162005 Introduction to Building Performance Simulation , 1P+2C, (Annotation)
J >
E371530 Java Programming , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
L >
E221221 Letectví a kosmonautika , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
M >
E131512 Machine Elements and Mechanisms I. , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E381109 Management, Economics and Finance , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E381712 Managerial and Economic Calculation , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E341004 Manufacturing Systems Design , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E163998 Master Thesis , 0P+10C, (Annotation)
E321039 Materials Science II. , 2P+2L, (Annotation)
E371097 Mathematical Simulation Models , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E011067 Mathematics I. , 4P+4C, (Annotation)
E011009 Mathematics III. , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E375013 Matlab for Simulations , 1P+2C, (Annotation)
E371519 Means of Automatic Control I. , 3P+2L, (Annotation)
E372083 Measurement in Engineering , 1P+2L, (Annotation)
E211124 Mechanical and Hydraulical Transmissions , 3+3, (Annotation)
E311101 Mechanics I. , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E311108 Mechanics III. , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E311107 Mechanics III. , 2P+3C, (Annotation)
E111706 Mechanics of Composite Materials , 3+1, (Annotation)
E181096 Modelling and Process Control , 2+1, (Annotation)
E311066 Multibody Modelling for Vehicle Systems , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
N >
E361038 Nanotechnology , 2P+1L, (Annotation)
E162540 Noise and Vibration Control Fundamentals , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E321073 Non-metallic Materials , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E181141 Numerical Analysis of Processes , 2+1, (Annotation)
E221222 Numerické metody v letadlové a kosmické technice , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
O >
E372121 Oborový projekt I. , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E222121 Oborový projekt I. , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E361030 Optics , 3P+1L, (Annotation)
P >
E162055 Particle Separation , 1P+1C, (Annotation)
E321071 Physical Metallurgy , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
E021026 Physics I , 4+2, (Annotation)
E026002 Physics I. - Seminary , 0+2, (Annotation)
E023013 Practical Class in Physics I , 0+2, (Annotation)
E371147 Process Control , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E181136 Processing Equipment Design , 3+2, (Annotation)
E163032 Project , 0P+4C, (Annotation)
E183011 Project I , 0+5, (Annotation)
E373111 Project I , 0P+5C, (Annotation)
E163014 Project I. , 0P+5C, (Annotation)
E373113 Project III , 0P+10C, (Annotation)
E163013 Project III. , 0P+5C, (Annotation)
E342114 Project III. , 0P+5C, (Annotation)
E375004 Python for Scientific Computations and Control , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
R >
E161102 Radiant and Industrial Heating , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
S >
E162056 Sanitary Installations , 2P+1C, (Annotation)
E374014 Signals and Systems , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E374013 Simulation of Biological Systems , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E146003 Small robot design , 0P+2L, (Annotation)
2386037 Soft Skills , 0P+2C, (Annotation)
E111103 Strenght of Materials II , 3P+3C, (Annotation)
E321077 Surfaces and Interfaces , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
E371075 System Identification , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
T >
E341014 Technology II. , 2P+2L, (Annotation)
E341076 Technology of Automotive Production , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E332052 Technology of Production of ICE , 1P+1C, (Annotation)
E331012 Theory and Practise of Metal Forming , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
E331090 Theory of Casting , 3P+1C, (Annotation)
E211173 Theory of ICE and Simulation , 4+1, (Annotation)
E121023 Thermomechanics , 3P+2C, (Annotation)
V >
E161065 Ventilation , 2P+2C, (Annotation)
W >
E361021 Wave Optics , 2P+1L, (Annotation)
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