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Transportation and Aerospace Technology (E213014)
Katedra:ústav autom.,sp.motorů a kolej.voz. (12120)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:0P+2C
Zakončení:ZJazyk výuky:EN
Design and testing of ground transportation vehicles, control systems, aircraft structures and propulsions. Selected topics of transportation and aerospace technology are presented in seminars and by means of laboratory exercises. Information about possibility of master study and project work at CTU, trainee and internship in reputable firms, both in transportation and aerospace technology.
Osnova cvičení
1. Petrol and diesel engines, engine cycles, turbocharging and supercharging
2. Engine characteristics, engine emissions
3. Clutches, gearboxes, shafts and joints
4. Brakes, axles, steering
5. Roller test bench ? passive resistances, fuel consumption, emissions
6. Formula Student/SAE - CTU Cartech team
7. Introduction to railway vehicles - bogie guiding simulation
8. Diagnostic of automotive electronics
9. Introduction to aerospace technology. History.
10. Aircraft structures. Loading of aircraft structure. Aircraft materials. Composites.
11. Aircraft propulsion.
12. Aircraft control. Essential aircraft systems. Onboard instrumentation.
13. Practical demonstration of CAD, CFD, MKP applications, experimental and laboratory activities with respect to design and development of aircraft.

Klíčová slova
transportation technology, aerospace technology
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