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2007273 Acoustics
E375008 Advanced Automatic Control , 1P+1C
2007320 Advanced Biochemistry
2007229 Advanced Case - Seminar in Strategy
E133021 Advanced Engineering , 0P+1C
E322045 Advanced Materials , 2P+1C+0L
2007293 Advanced Materials Technology
2007238 Advanced Mechanics
2007355 Advanced Topics in Fluid Systems Engineering
2007259 Advanced Topics In Fluid Systems Engineering
2007261 Advanced Transport Phenomena
2007389 Aero Design I.
2007245 Aerodynamics
2007373 Aerodynamics
E161083 Aerodynamics of Ventilation , 2P+1C
E221221 Aeronautics and Astronautics , 2P+2C+0L
2007319 Aerospace Laboratory
E321085 Aerospace materials , 2P+2C
E321076 Aerospace Materials , 2P+1C
E161112 Air Pollution Control , 2P+1C
E161079 Air-Conditioning , 2P+1C
2007215 Aircraft Performance 3
2007216 Aircraft Structures and Materials 3
E012035 Algorithmization and Programming , 1P+2C
E012036 Algorithmization and Programming , 1P+2C+0L
E371014 Algorithms for Engineering Informatics , 2P+2C
E371526 Algorithms for Engineering Informatics , 2P+1C
E161006 Alternative Energy Sources , 2P+1C
E162076 Alternative Energy Sources , 2P+1C
2007207 Análisis de estructuras mecánicas
2046155 Anglická konverzace - rodilý mluvčí , 0P+2C
2046156 Anglická konverzace - rodilý mluvčí II , 0P+2C
E362503 Applied Optics , 2P+1.5C+0.5L
E361098 Applied Optics , 3P+0C+1L
2007267 Applied Thermodynamics for Engineers
2007262 Applied Thermodynamics in Chemical Technology
E371103 Artificial Intelligence , 2P+2C+0L
E371076 Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks in Applications , 2P+2C
E371047 Automatic Control , 3P+1.5C+0.5L
E161087 Automatic Control in Environmental Engineering , 2P+1C
E371099 Automatic Control Theory , 2P+2C
E373125 Automatic Control Theory I. , 2P+2C
E342034 Automation of machine tool programming , 1P+2C+0L
E331512 Automation of Production Processes , 3P+2C+0L
E373025 Autonomous Robot Control , 0P+2C+0L
B >
E373997 Bachelor Diploma Work - ISP , 0P+6C
E373994 Bachelor Project , 0P+6C
E183985 Bachelor Thesis , 0P+6C
E373991 Bachelor Thesis , 0P+0C
E163985 Bachelor Thesis , 0P+6C
E153985 Bachelor Thesis , 0P+6C
E163981 Bachelor Thesis , 0P+6C
E373985 Bachelor Work , 0P+6C
E323992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E343992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E183992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E243992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E113992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E313992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E123992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E013992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E383992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E023992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E213992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E163992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E153992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E223992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E333992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E373992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E133992 Bachelor´s Thesis , 0P+8C
E123991 Bakalářská práce , 0P+0C
E023991 Bakalářská práce , 0P+0C
E383993 Bakalářská práce , 0P+6C
E181135 Basic Equipment Design , 2P+2C
E163077 Basic Experimental Methods , 1P+2L
2007344 Basic Mechanical Vibrations
E013066 Basics of Stochastic , 0P+2C
2007242 Beginners Course in Swedish
2007189 Bio MEMS
2007194 Bio Microelectromechanical Systems
E186013 Biofuels and Bioproducts from Wastes , 1P+1C
E183009 Biofuels and Bioproducts from Wastes , 0P+2C
E151094 Biomass and Renewable Energy , 2P+2C
2007271 Biomass as a Chemical Raw Material
2007201 Biomedical Elektronics
2007202 Biomechanics
E244001 Biomechanics and Mechanobiology , 2P+1C+0L
E241050 Biomechanics for Bachelors , 2P+2C+0L
E241068 Biomechanics for Bachelors , 2P+2C
E241718 Biomechanics I. , 2P+0C
E241719 Biomechanics II , 2P+1C
E241723 Biomechanics III , 2P+0C
E151084 Boiler Design , 3P+1C
E332121 Branch project I. , 0P+2C
E152121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E122121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E322121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E182121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E112121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E372121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E242121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E012121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E382121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E352121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E132121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E222121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E312121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E162121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E342121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E022121 Branch Project I. , 0P+2C
E332122 Branch project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E322122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E212122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E012122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E352122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E122122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E022122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E152122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E162122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E312122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E182122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E222122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E132122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E342122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E112122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E372122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E382122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E242122 Branch Project II. , 0P+4C+0L
E162993 Branch Project III. , 0P+5C
E162016 Building and HVAC Systems Simulation , 1P+1C
E163045 Building and HVAC Systems Simulation , 1P+2C
E162045 Building and HVAC Systems Simulation , 1P+2C+0L
2007255 Business Pilot
2007565 Business Planning
C >
E136031 CAD 1 , 0P+2C
E136032 CAD 2 , 0P+2C
E136033 CAD 3 , 0P+2C
2007221 CAE with NX4
2007351 Case Studies in Engineering
2007272 Case Studies In Engineering 1
2007591 Ceramics the Modern World
E186030 CFD Application in Process Engineering , 0P+2C
E162014 CFD for Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning , 1P+1C
E162015 CFD for Thermal Technology II. , 1P+2C
2007196 Combustion
E383009 Communication and Dealing with People , 1P+1C
E013019 Complex functions and integral and discrete transforms , 2P+1C
2007372 Compressible Flow
E301107 Computational Fluid Dynamics , 2P+2C+0L
E181107 Computational Fluid Dynamics , 2P+2C
E374008 Computer Aided Automatic Control Theory , 2P+2C
2374008 Computer Aided Automatic Control Theory , 2+2
E181012 Computer Aided Design , 2P+2C
E181071 Computer Aided Design , 2P+1C
2007349 Computer Aided Engineering Design
E332051 Computer Aided Manufacturing Processes , 0P+3C
E374007 Computer Aided Process Control Design , 2P+2C
2374007 Computer Aided Process Control Design , 2+2
2007236 Computer Control of Electromechanical
2007327 Computer Control of Electromechanical Systems
E012037 Computer Graphics , 1P+1C
E372025 Computer Network Administration , 2P+0C+1L
E371709 Computer Simulation Models , 2P+2C
E372041 Computer Support for Study , 1P+1C
E372021 Computer Use Fundamentals , 1P+1C
2007246 Computional Fluid Mechanics
E011018 Constructive Geometry , 3P+2C
E011021 Constructive Geometry , 3P+2C
E01A018 Constructive Geometry A , 0P+0C
E01A021 Constructive Geometry A , 3P+2C
E111083 Continuum Mechanics , 3P+0C
2007325 Control and Simulation
2007326 Control Engineering
2007237 Control System Analysis and Design
E371705 Control Systems , 2P+2C
E141055 Controlled Electrical Drives , 2P+0C+2L
E161024 Cooling in Environmental Engineering , 3P+1C
2007339 Corporate Entrepreneurship
2007231 Corporate Finance
E322056 Corrosion - and creep-resistant materials , 2P+1C+0L
E341086 Cutting Tools , 2P+1C+0L
E046117 Czech - Advanced , 0+2
E045025 Czech - Lower Intermediate , 0P+2C
E046125 Czech - Lower Intermediate , 0+2
E045026 Czech - Lower Intermediate , 0P+2C
E046128 Czech - Upper Intermediate , 0+2
E046118 Czech Advanced , 0+2
E045020 Czech for Beginners II , 0P+2C
E046120 Czech for Beginners II. , 0+2
E045019 Czech Language for Beginners I , 0P+2C
E046119 Czech Language for Beginners I. , 0+2
E046126 Czech Lower Intermediate , 0+2
E046127 Czech Upper Intermediate , 0+2
Č >
2007331 Čínština - mandarin
D >
E371090 Database and Knowledge Systems , 2P+2C
E371091 Database and Knowledge-based Systems , 2P+2C
E371079 Database and Knowledge-based Systems , 3P+1C
E375005 Databases, SQL and MS Access , 2P+1C
E375010 Dependability of the Technical Equipment , 3P+1C
E133025 Design , 0P+4C
E111069 Design Against Fatigue , 1P+1C
2007184 Design Analysis
E151115 Design and Economics of Power Facilities , 3P+1C
E181110 Design and Operation of Production Lines , 3P+1C
E331075 Design Consideration , 2P+2C+0L
E371074 Design of Information Systems , 2P+2C
E371137 Design of Information Systems , 1P+0C+2L
E361006 Design of optomechanical instruments , 2P+1C
E331076 Design of Surface Treatment , 2P+2C
E211106 Design of Tools and Plastic Parts , 2P+1C
2007226 Developing Global Leadership Talent
E181507 Diffusion Separation Equipment , 2P+2C
E181127 Diffusion Separation Processes , 3P+1C
E181131 Difussion Separation Processes , 4P+2C
E181701 Difussion Separation Processes , 3P+1.7C+0.3L
E163000 Diploma Project , 0P+10C
E343000 Diploma Project , 0P+10C
E373990 Diploma thesis , 0P+10C
E373996 Diploma Thesis , 0P+0C
E153998 Diploma Thesis , 0P+10C
E363998 Diploma Thesis , 0P+10C
E183998 Diploma Thesis , 0P+10C
E373998 Diploma Thesis , 0P+10C
E323998 Diploma Thesis , 0P+10C
E003996 Diploma Thesis
E363996 Diploma Thesis , 0P+0C
E313998 Diploma Thesis , 0P+10C
E113000 Diploma Thesis , 0P+10C
E183996 Diploma Thesis , 0P+0C
E373896 Diploma Thesis Seminary , 0P+4C
E213996 Diploma Work , 0P+20C
E162067 District Heating , 1P+1C
2007264 Drying Technology
2007337 Dynamics of Machines II
2007371 Dynamics of Systems
2007542 Dynamics 3
E >
E381093 Economics and Finance , 2P+2C
2007352 Economics of Sin
E141120 Electric Accessories of ICE , 2P+0C+1L
E141504 Electrical Circuits and Electronics , 2P+0C+2L
E141505 Electrical Machines and Drives , 2P+0C+2L
E141503 Electrical Machines and Drives , 2P+0C+2L
E141119 Electrical Measurement and Diagnostics , 2P+0C+1L
E141519 Electrical Measurement and Diagnostics , 2P+0C+1L
E141506 Electrical Transfer of Signals , 2P+0C+1L
E141019 Electromechanical Systems in Transport and Mechanical Engineering , 2P+0C+1L
2007204 Electronics for Internal Combustion Engines
2007330 Elements of Music Theory
E141005 Embedded Systems , 2P+0C+2L
E141075 Embedded Systems , 2P+0C+2L
E141073 Embedded Systems , 2P+0C+1L
E371093 Embedded Systems , 2P+0C+1L
E141006 Embedded Systems , 2P+0C+2L
E152028 Energy Audit and Legislation , 2P+2C
2007594 Energy Materials
E162065 Energy Performance of Buildings and Systems , 2P+1C
E151026 Energy sources and conversions , 3P+2C
E151129 Energy Sources and Conversions , 3P+2C
2007354 Energy Systems Modelling
2007281 Engineering Analysis III.
E132001 Engineering Design I. , 1P+2C
E132031 Engineering Design I. , 1P+2C
E131002 Engineering Design II. , 2P+3C
E131023 Engineering Design II. , 2P+3C
E133013 Engineering Design III. , 0P+2C
E133014 Engineering Design IV. , 0P+2C+0L
2007275 Engineering Dynamics
2007370 Engineering Dynamics
2007223 Engineering Economic Analysis
E372050 Engineering Psychology , 1P+0C+1L
E376009 Engineering Psychology , 0P+0C+2L
E375009 Engineering Psychology , 1P+0C+1L
E371085 Engineering Simulation of Controlled Processes , 2P+1C
2007363 Engineering Statistics
2007257 English for Engineers
2007254 English Language, Advanced
2007253 English Language, Intermediate
2007268 English skills 1
2007269 English skills 2
2007211 Ensayo y Mantenimiento de Máquinas
2007232 Entrepreneurial Finance
2007252 Entrepreneurship
E161022 Environmental Engineering , 2P+2C+0L
E161004 Environmental Engineering , 3P+2C
2007190 Environmental Engineering Design
E181122 Equipment and Technologies for Waste Treatment , 3P+1C
E181706 Equipment and Technologies of Plastics and Silicates Processing , 2P+1C
2007213 Espańol para Extranjeros II.
2007209 Estructuras Metálicas y de Hormigón
E383011 Etika a psychologie v řízení , 1P+1C
2007263 Exergy Route to Sustainable Chemical Engineering
E121037 Experimental Hydro and Thermodynamic , 2P+2C
E162070 Experimental Methods , 1P+4C
E181101 Experimental Methods , 2P+2C
E111052 Experimental Methods and Certification Engines , 3P+4L
E211137 Experimental Methods and Measurements , 2P+0C+3L
E162569 Experimental Methods I. , 1P+3L
E162702 Experimental Methods II. , 1P+4L
E321504 Experimental Methods of Study Material , 2P+2C
E362701 Experiments in Engineering , 1P+0C+2L
F >
E162103 Fans , 1P+1C
E162073 Filtration , 1P+1C
E183030 Final project , 0P+5C
E163704 Final Project , 0P+5C
2007249 Financial Management
2007318 Finite Element Method
E111057 Finite Element Method I. , 3P+1C
E213016 Five Month Internship , 0P+10C
2007328 Flight and Spaceflight
E121502 Fluid Dynamics , 3P+2C
E121500 Fluid Dynamics , 3P+2C
E12A502 Fluid Dynamics A , 0P+0C
E12A500 Fluid Dynamics A , 0P+0C
E213022 Foreign Language I. , 0P+4C
E212022 Foreign Language II. , 0P+4C
E213024 Foreign Language III. , 0P+6C
E333008 Fundamental of Technology I. , 1P+1L
E162025 Fundamentals of Air Conditioning , 2P+1C
E161571 Fundamentals of Air Pollution Control , 3P+1C
E162023 Fundamentals of Alternative Energy Sources , 2P+1C
E244000 Fundamentals of Biomechanics , 2P+1C+0L
E333041 Fundamentals of Casting, Forming and Welding , 2P+0.5C+0.5L
E161038 Fundamentals of Cooling in Enviromental Engineering , 2P+2C
E161586 Fundamentals of District Heating , 3P+1C
E153005 Fundamentals of Energy Conversions , 1P+1C
E153054 Fundamentals of Energy Conversions , 1P+1C
2007601 Fundamentals of Fluid Power Drive and Control
E161597 Fundamentals of Heating , 2P+2C
E161596 Fundamentals of Heating , 3P+1C
E383002 Fundamentals of Law , 1P+1C+0L
E343041 Fundamentals of Machining, Metrology and Product Design , 2P+0.5C+0.5L
E181123 Fundamentals of Polymer Processing , 2P+1C
E162063 Fundamentals of Radiant Heating , 2P+1C
E161587 Fundamentals of Radiant Heating , 2P+1C
E161560 Fundamentals of Sanitary Installations , 2P+3C
E163078 Fundamentals of Simulation Methods , 1P+3C
E333038 Fundamentals of Technology I. , 1P+1C
E333018 Fundamentals of Technology I. , 1P+1C
E343010 Fundamentals of Technology II. , 1P+0C+1L
E161564 Fundamentals of Ventilation , 3P+1C
E161036 Fundamentals of Ventilation , 2P+2C
G >
2007197 Gas Dynamics
E046078 German - Lower Intermediate , 0+2
E046079 German Lower Intermediate , 0+2
E046081 German Upper Intermediate , 0+2
E046080 German Upper Intermediate , 0+2
2007247 Global Macro Economy and the Organisation
H >
E161051 Heat and Moisture Transfer in Environmental Engineering , 2P+1C
E151559 Heat Exchangers and Boilers , 2P+2C
E181128 Heat Processes , 3P+1C
E181074 Heat Processes , 4P+2C
E181117 Heat Processes and Heat Exchangers , 3P+1.7C+0.3L
E162066 Heat Supply , 2P+1C
E181508 Heat Transfer Equipment , 2P+2C
2007198 Heat Transfer with Phase Change
E321088 Heat treatment , 2P+2C+0L
E322043 Heat Treatment Project , 1P+4C
E161566 Heating , 2P+2C
E161085 Heating , 2P+1C
E163046 Heating Appliances , 1P+1C
E162102 Heating Surfaces , 1P+1C
E363022 History of Discovery of the Universe , 1P+1C
2007219 History of Russia
E132030 History of Technology , 1P+2C
E131005 History of Technology , 2P+0C
E361079 Holography , 2P+0C+1L
E211151 Hybrid Powertrains , 2P+1C
E211153 Hybrid Powertrains , 3P+2C
E121047 Hydro and Thermodynamics , 2P+2C+0L
2007270 Hydrogen Technology
E181502 Hydromechanical Equipment , 2P+2C
E181501 Hydromechanical Equipment , 2P+1C
E181109 Hydromechanical Processes , 3P+1.7C+0.3L
E181129 Hydromechanical Processes , 3P+1C
E181132 Hydromechanical Unit Operations , 3P+1C
E163073 Hygiene and Physiology of Work , 1P+1C
CH >
E181116 Chemical Production Lines , 3P+1C
E182019 Chemistry , 2P+1C
I >
2007303 Independent Study
2007195 Individual Project
2007234 Indoor Climate
E371110 Industrial Automation , 2P+2C+0L
E381117 Industrial Business Intelligence , 2P+2C
E142012 Industrial Communication Systems , 2P+0C+1L
2007287 Industrial Development of Utility Vehicles
2007600 Industrial Facilities
E181006 Industrial Chemistry , 2P+2C
E181014 Industrial Chemistry , 2P+1C
E341702 Industrial Metrology , 2P+2C
E163047 Industrial Ventilation , 1P+1C
E162024 Industrial Ventilation , 1P+1C
E151090 Industry Power and Heating Plant , 2P+2C
E372507 Informatic Systems , 2P+2C
E371130 Informatics for Engineers , 3P+1C
E373504 Information Systems , 2P+1C
E371102 Information technology , 2P+2C+0L
2007208 Instalaciones I.
E361097 Instrument Design , 3P+1C
E361103 Instrument Design I , 3P+1C
E361102 Instrument Design II , 2P+1C
E361005 Instrumental Technology , 2P+0C+2L
E361105 Instrumental Technology , 2P+0C+2L
E361064 Instrumental Technology , 2P+0C+2L
E371524 Instrumentation for Automatic Control , 3P+0C+2L
E371509 Instrumentation for Automatic Control II. , 2P+0C+1L
2007251 Intercultural Communication
2007192 Internal Combustion
E211126 Internal Combustion Engines , 4P+3C
2007256 International Business Marketing
2007366 Intro to Engineering Design
2007239 Intro to Psychology
E313040 Introduction into Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics , 0+2
2007602 Introduction of the Language of Profession
E162005 Introduction to Building Performance Simulation , 1P+2C
E162017 Introduction to Building Performance Simulation , 1P+1C
E181151 Introduction to Cryogenics Engineering , 2P+1C
E131061 Introduction to Transport Technology , 2P+2C+0L
J >
E371532 Java Programming , 2P+2C
E371530 Java Programming , 3P+2C
K >
E381068 Kalkulace a rozpočetnictví , 2P+2C
2007382 Korean Language
L >
E126015 Laboratory Experiments in Hydromechanics and Thermodynamics , 0P+3L
E211152 Laboratory for Hybrid Powertrains , 2P+0C+3L
E163048 Low-Energy Cooling of Buildings , 1P+1C
E162106 Low-Energy Cooling of Buildings , 1P+1C
M >
2007276 Machine Dynamics
E131512 Machine Elements and Mechanisms I. , 3P+2C
E131026 Machine Elements and Mechanisms II. , 3P+0C+0L
E131517 Machine Elements and Mechanisms II. , 3P+4C
E371100 Machine perception and image analysis , 2P+2C
2007193 Machinery Vibration
E381054 Management and Economics of the Enterprise , 2P+2C
E381109 Management, Economics and Finance , 2P+1C
2007599 Management of Technological Innovation and Development Business
E381712 Managerial and Economic Calculation , 2P+2C
E383008 Managerial Psychology , 1P+1C
E381176 Managerial Statistics and Decision Making , 2P+2C+0L
2007185 Managing People
2007304 Mandarin
2007597 Manufactoring Technology
E353040 Manufacturing and CNC Technology , 2L
E341004 Manufacturing Systems Design , 2P+2C
2007250 Market Communication
E373995 Master Project
E163998 Master Thesis , 0P+10C
E323999 Master Thesis of MPE , 0P+10C
E183000 Master Thesis Project , 0P+16C
E321084 Material Engineering , 2P+2C
E321080 Material Engineering , 2P+2C
2007347 Materials Engineering and Design
2007218 Materials for Generation 4 Nuclear Reactors
E322029 Materials Science I. , 2P+0C+1L
E321039 Materials Science II. , 2P+2L
2007367 Materials Selection
E371081 Mathematical and Simulation Modelling II. , 2P+2C
E011087 Mathematical Modeling in Technical Applicatiions , 2P+2C
E011715 Mathematical Modeling in Technical Applicatiions , 2P+2C
E011716 Mathematical Modeling in Technical Applications , 2P+2C+0L
E371097 Mathematical Simulation Models , 3P+2C
2007322 Mathematics - Graph Theory
2007321 Mathematics - Inverse Problems
E011056 Mathematics I. , 4P+4C
E011091 Mathematics I. , 4P+4C+0L
E011067 Mathematics I. , 4P+4C
E01A067 Mathematics I. A , 0P+0C
E01A091 Mathematics I.A , 0P+0C+0L
E01A056 Mathematics I.A , 0P+0C
E011062 Mathematics II. , 4P+4C
E011068 Mathematics II. , 4P+4C
E011092 Mathematics II. , 4P+4C+0L
E01A068 Mathematics II. A , 0P+0C
E01A062 Mathematics II.A , 0P+0C
E01A092 Mathematics II.A , 0P+0C+0L
E011093 Mathematics III. , 2P+2C+0L
E011009 Mathematics III. , 2P+2C
E01A009 Mathematics III.A , 0P+0C
E01A093 Mathematics III.A , 0P+0C+0L
E011054 Mathematics in Mechanics , 3P+1C
E013044 Mathematics Repetitory , 0P+2C+0L
E375013 Matlab for Simulations , 1P+2C
E376023 Matlab for Simulations , 1P+2C
E371519 Means of Automatic Control I. , 3P+0C+2L
E371520 Means of Automatic Control M , 4P+0C+3L
E362700 Measurement and Experiment , 0P+0C+4L
E372083 Measurement in Engineering , 1P+0C+2L
E372080 Measurement in Engineering , 2P+0C+2L
E182063 Measurement in process industry , 1P+0C+2L
E182064 Measurement in Process Industry , 1P+2L
2007348 Measurement, Instrumentation and Control
E182702 Measurement on Process Equipment , 0P+3C
2007203 Medical Device Technology for Organ Replacement
E211124 Mechanical and Hydraulical Transmissions , 3P+3C
2007356 Mechanical Engineering Independent Study
2007241 Mechanical Engineering Individual Study
E311101 Mechanics I. , 2P+2C
E31A101 Mechanics I.A , 0P+0C
E311102 Mechanics II. , 2P+2C
E31A102 Mechanics II.A , 0P+0C
E311108 Mechanics III. , 2P+2C
E311103 Mechanics III. , 2P+2C+1L
E311107 Mechanics III. , 2P+3C
E31A108 Mechanics III.A , 0P+0C
E31A107 Mechanics III.A , 0P+0C
E111706 Mechanics of Composite Materials , 3P+1C
2007200 Mechatronics Advanced Course
2007323 Mechatronics System Design
2007266 Membrane Technology
E321072 Metallic Materials , 2P+2C
2007388 Methodology of Experimentak Design
E381005 Methods and Tools for Managerial Decisionmaking , 2P+2C+0L
E333023 Metoda přesného lití , 1P+2C
E341046 Metrology , 2P+2C+0L
E341090 Metrology and Process Planning , 2P+2C
E341109 Metrology and Process Technology , 2P+2C+0L
2007566 Micro Flow Chemistry and Process Technology
2007265 Micro Heat Transfer
E141092 Microelectronics , 2P+0C+1L
E141091 Microelectronics , 2P+0C+1L
E211105 Microelectronics in Vehicles , 1P+1C
E181111 Modeling, Control and Analysis of Processes , 3P+1L
E181096 Modelling and Process Control , 2P+1C
E351712 Modelling and Simulation II. , 2P+2L
E181026 Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer , 3P+1C
E181118 Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer , 3P+2C+0L
E181075 Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer , 3P+1C
2007286 Motor Vehicle Laboratory I,II
E311066 Multibody Modelling for Vehicle Systems , 3P+1C
2007260 Multidisciplinary project sustainable development
N >
E321074 Nano and Biomaterials , 2P+2C
E321083 Nano and Biomaterials , 2P+2C
E241728 Nanobiomechanics , 2P+0C
E361038 Nanotechnology , 2P+0C+1L
E362006 Nanotechnology , 2P+0C+1L
E046082 Němčina pokročilí , 0+2
E046083 Němčina pokročilí , 0+2
E046077 Němčina začátečníci , 0+2
E046076 Němčina začátečníci , 0+2
E375006 Network Server Administration , 2P+0C+1L
2007386 Networking Fundamentals
2007228 New Venture Development I.
E161105 Noise and Vibration Control , 3P+2C
E161039 Noise and Vibration Control , 2P+1C
E162540 Noise and Vibration Control Fundamentals , 2P+1C
E321073 Non-metallic Materials , 2P+2C
2007244 Nordic Culture
2007593 Nuclear Power Plant Risk Assesment
E151002 Nuclear Power Principles , 2P+2C
E181141 Numerical Analysis of Processes , 2P+1C
E351084 Numerical Control of Production Machines and Equipment Control , 2P+2L
E011049 Numerical Mathematics , 2P+2C
E01A049 Numerical Mathematics A , 0P+0C
E221222 Numerical Methods in Aerospace Engineering , 2P+2C+0L
O >
E371042 Object Oriented Programming , 2P+2C
E371129 Object Oriented Programming , 2P+1C
E022091 Oborový projekt , 0P+2C
2007595 Observational Astronomy
E361106 Optical design , 2P+2C+0L
E361030 Optics , 3P+0C+1L
E361701 Optics Fundamentals , 3P+1L
E371101 Optimal and predictive control systems , 2P+1.8C+0.2L
E362027 Optoelectronics , 2P+0C+1L
P >
2007362 Parallel Computation Principles and Applications
E162055 Particle Separation , 1P+1C
E161005 Particle Separation and Filtration , 3P+1C
E371531 Pascal Programming (Delphi) , 3P+2C
E333040 Perspectice Production in Engineering , 0P+2C
E181030 Physical Chemistry , 3P+1.7C+0.3L
E321071 Physical Metallurgy , 3P+1C
E021014 Physics - Selected Topics , 2P+2C
E021010 Physics - Selected Topics , 2P+2C+0L
E021026 Physics I , 4P+2L
E021041 Physics I. , 4P+1C
E021028 Physics I. , 3P+2C+1L
E026002 Physics I. - Seminary , 0P+2C
E02A041 Physics I.A , 0P+0C
E02A026 Physics I.A , 0P+0C
E02A028 Physics I.A , 0P+0C+0L
E021027 Physics II , 2P+2C
E021029 Physics II. , 2P+1C+1L
E021025 Physics II. , 1P+2C
E026003 Physics II. - Seminary , 0P+2C
E02A029 Physics II. A , 0P+0C+0L
E02A025 Physics II.A , 0P+0C
E02A027 Physics II.A , 0P+0C
E023011 Physics II.-Seminary , 0P+2C
2007626 Platform Economy
E372027 Pneumatic and Hydraulic Drive Systems , 1P+0C+2L
E162101 Pneumatic Transport , 1P+1C
E163044 Pneumatic Transport , 1P+1C
E121043 Počítačová mechanika tekutin , 3P+0C
E381007 Podnikatelství a management , 2P+1C
E023013 Practical Class in Physics I , 0P+2C+0L
E023012 Practical Class in Physics II. , 0P+2C+0L
E372042 Practical Software Tools , 1P+1C+0L
2007205 Practice of Production Engines in Line Production
E376021 Practicum in Automatic Control , 0P+0C+2L
E113020 Presentation Skills , 1P+1C+0L
2007258 Pressurised Systems
2007274 Pressurised Systems
2007227 Principles of International Business
2007224 Principles of Microeconomics
2007225 Principles of Microeconomics
2007592 Probability and Statistics
E181076 Proces Control , 2P+2C
E371147 Process Control , 3P+1.5C+0.5L
E181126 Process Equipment and Production Lines , 2P+2C+0L
E181137 Processing Equipment Design , 3P+2C
E181136 Processing Equipment Design , 3P+2C
E181134 Processing Equipments Design , 3P+1C
E181104 Processing Lines , 3P+2C
E181100 Processing Lines , 3P+2C
E181115 Production Lines of Food Industry , 3P+1C
E351094 Production Technology , 2P+2C+0L
2007210 Programación en Java
E371527 Programmable Controller Application , 2P+0C+2L
E371126 Programmable Controller Applications , 2P+0C+2L
E371060 Programmable Controller Applications , 2P+0C+2L
E371135 Programmable Logic Controllers and Visualisation , 2P+0C+1L
E375002 Programming for Web , 2P+2C
E371087 Programming for Web , 2P+2C
E341066 Programming of Metal Cutting on CNC Machines , 2P+3C
E183014 Progressive Processes of Energy Utilization , 0P+2C
E163032 Project , 0P+4C
E362091 Project , 0P+2C
E012091 Project , 0P+2C
E332091 Project , 0P+2C
E382091 Project , 0P+2C
E132502 Project , 0P+6C
E372091 Project , 0P+2C
E352091 Project , 2C
E312091 Project , 0+2
E162091 Project , 0P+2C
E152091 Project , 0P+2C
E182091 Project , 0P+2C
E112091 Project , 0P+2C
E132091 Project , 0P+2C
E212091 Project , 0P+2C
E132503 Project , 0P+2C
E132092 Project , 0P+6C
E373712 Project , 0P+2C
E162991 Project , 0P+2C
E372990 Project - ISP , 0P+6C
E212023 Project and 3D CAD , 0P+3C
2007292 Project B for Exchange Students
E183011 Project I , 0P+5C
E373111 Project I , 0P+5C
E373131 Project I , 0P+6C+0L
E183707 Project I. , 0P+7C
E153051 Project I. , 0P+5C
E322114 Project I. , 0P+5C
E163011 Project I. , 0P+5C
E163014 Project I. , 0P+5C
E153707 Project I. , 0P+7C
E183025 Project I. - equipment design , 0P+6C
E373132 Project II , 0P+6C
E151717 Project II. , 0P+6C
E213112 Project II. , 0P+5C
E332114 Project II. , 0P+5C
E183012 Project II. , 0P+5C
E373112 Project II. , 0P+6C+0L
E163012 Project II. , 0P+5C
E372992 Project II. , 0P+5C
E183026 Project II. , 0P+6C
E163015 Project II. , 0P+5C
E363112 Project II. , 0P+5C
E373113 Project III , 0P+10C
E373133 Project III , 0P+5C
E243113 Project III , 0P+10C
E363113 Project III. , 0P+10C
E183013 Project III. , 0P+10C
E013113 Project III. , 0P+10C
E153053 Project III. , 0P+10C
E163013 Project III. , 0P+5C
E342115 Project III. , 0P+5C
E180005 Project III. , 0P+10C
E382093 Project Management and Marketing , 2P+2C
E363091 Project Presentation , 4B
E133091 Project Presentation , 4B
E183091 Project Presentation , 0P+4C
E153091 Project Presentation , 4B
E163091 Project Presentation , 4B
E313091 Project Presentation , 4/sem
E353091 Project Presentation , 4B
E373091 Project Presentation , 4B
E113091 Project Presentation , 4/sem
E122091 Projekt , 0P+2C
E123113 Projekt III , 0P+10C
E183010 Projekt III. , 0P+20C
2151081 Projektování a ekonomika energetických zařízení , 3P+1C+0L
E375004 Python for Scientific Computations and Control , 2P+2C
Q >
E341080 Quality , 2P+0C+1L
R >
E161102 Radiant and Industrial Heating , 2P+1C
2007336 Rail Vehicles III
E142018 Rapid HW/SW prototyping , 1P+0C+3L
E143032 Rapid HW/SW prototyping , 0P+0C+3L
E181112 Reactor and Bioreactor Design , 2P+2C
E181113 Reactor and Bioreactor Design , 2P+0.85C+0.15L
2007235 Reading Class
2007240 Real and Recorded Time
E141069 Regulated electrical drive , 2P+0C+2L
E151702 Renewable Energy Sources , 2P+2C
E151145 Renewable Energy Sources , 2P+2C+0L
2007350 Renewable Energy Systems
2007338 Risk Management
E373040 Robot Control Introduction , 0P+0C+2L
E376016 Robot Control Introduction , 1P+0C+1L
2007387 Routing Protocols and Concepts
S >
E143006 Safety Operation with Electronic Devices , 0P+0C+0L
E162056 Sanitary Installations , 2P+1C
E372035 SCADA systems , 1P+0C+2L
E111505 Selected Items of Strenght of Materials , 2P+2C
E111506 Selected Items of Strenght of Materials , 2P+2C+0L
E311083 Selected Topics of Mechanics and Mechatronics , 2P+2C+0L
2007248 Selling and Sales Management
E372017 Semestral Project I. , 0P+5C
E372018 Semestral Project II. , 0P+6C
E141030 Sensor Systems , 2P+0C+1L
E371096 Signal processing and system identification , 2P+2C
2007199 Signals and Mechanical Systems
E374014 Signals and Systems , 2P+2C
2007212 Simulación para el diseńo y operación de sistemas logisticos
E376012 Simulation of Biological Systems , 2P+2C
E374013 Simulation of Biological Systems , 2P+2C
E146003 Small robot design , 0P+0C+2L
E145003 Small Robot Design , 0P+0C+2L
E381118 Statisties and Decision Making Analysis , 2P+2C+0L
E151033 Steam and Gas Turbine , 3P+1C
2007230 Strategic Management of Technology
E111101 Strength of Materials I. , 3P+2C+1L
E111051 Strength of Materials I. , 3P+3C
E11A051 Strength of Materials I. A , 0P+0C
E11A101 Strength of Materials I.A , 0P+0C+0L
E111103 Strength of Materials II , 3P+3C
E11A103 Strength of Materials II A , 0P+0C
2007277 Structural Dynamics
2007346 Structural Mechanics
E213202 Study at ENSTA - summer semester , 0P+0C
E213201 Study at ENSTA - winter semester , 0P+0C
E213102 Study at HAN - summer semester , 0P+0C
E213101 Study at HAN - winter semester , 0P+0C
E213302 Study at ITB - summer semester , 0P+0C
E213301 Study at ITB - winter semester , 0P+0C
E213402 Study at TUCH - summer semester , 0P+0C
E213401 Study at TUCH - winter semester , 0P+0C
E332057 Surface Coating Technology , 1P+2C+0L
E321077 Surfaces and Interfaces , 2P+2C
2007365 Survival Finnish Course
E211159 Sustainable mobility , 3P+2C
2007243 Swedish Course Level II.
E371002 System and Process Control , 3P+1.4C+0.6L
2007324 System Dynamics and Control Engineering
E371075 System Identification , 2P+2C
T >
2007596 TC Process Engineering and Thermal Engineering
E321086 Technical Application of Materials , 2P+1C+0L
E321500 Technical Materials I , 2P+2C+0L
E321060 Technical Materials I. , 2P+2C
E362504 Technical optics , 2P+1.5C+0.5L
E362502 Technical Optics , 2P+1.5C+0.5L
E331067 Technology I. , 3P+2C
E331068 Technology I. , 2P+2C
E341014 Technology II. , 2P+2L
E346007 Technology II. Seminary , 2S
E153006 Technology of Air Protection , 0P+2C
E341076 Technology of Automotive Production , 3P+2C
E331093 Technology of Casting, Forming and Welding , 3P+1C+1L
E341093 Technology of Machining, Metrology and Product Design , 3P+1C+1L
E332052 Technology of Production of ICE , 1P+1C
E331053 Theory and Practise of Casting , 2P+2C
E331012 Theory and Practise of Metal Forming , 3P+2C
E331090 Theory of Casting , 3P+1C
E211173 Theory of ICE and Simulation , 4P+1C
E331097 Theory of Joining and Cutting , 2P+2C
E151079 Thermal Power Cycles , 3P+1C
E121060 Thermo and Mass Transfer , 2P+2C
2007280 Thermodynamic Analysis
2007278 Thermodynamics
2007279 Thermodynamics 2
E121023 Thermomechanics , 3P+2C
E121046 Thermomechanics , 3P+2C
E12A046 Thermomechanics A , 0P+0C
E12A023 Thermomechanics A , 0P+0C
E113991 Thesis , 0P+0C
E313991 Thesis , 0+0
E353991 Thesis
E013991 Thesis , 0P+0C
E133991 Thesis , 0P+0C
E373981 Thesis , 0P+6C
E383991 Thesis , 0P+0C
E223991 Thesis , 0P+0C
E213991 Thesis , 0P+0C
E183991 Thesis , 0P+0C
E153991 Thesis , 0P+0C
E363991 Thesis , 0P+0C
E333991 Thesis , 0P+0C
E211700 Transmissions , 2P+2C+0L
E211130 Transport Engineering , 2P+2C+0L
E181002 Transport Phenomena , 3P+2C
E131060 Transport Technology , 2P+2C+0L
E213014 Transportation and Aerospace Technology , 0P+2C
2007345 Tribology
U >
E121051 UMPS in Pipe-Machine Systems , 2P+2C+0L
V >
E141125 Vehicle and Engine Electrical Equipment , 2P+0C+1L
E211112 Vehicle Concept, Structure, Aggregates and Safety , 2P+1C
2007188 Vehicle drive trains
E311067 Vehicle Dynamics , 4+2
E311085 Vehicle Dynamics I. , 2P+1C
E211113 Vehicle Dynamics II. , 2P+1C
E161086 Ventilation , 2P+1C
E161065 Ventilation , 2P+2C
2007329 Ventilation and Climatic Systems
2007233 Ventilation and Climatisation
E311068 Vibration of Vehicles , 3P+1C
W >
E181703 Waste Water Treatment and Gas Purification , 2P+0.85C+0.15L
E181105 Waste Water Treatment and Gaseous Emission Reduction , 2P+1C
E181089 Waste Water Treatment and Gaseous Emission Reduction , 3P+1C
E361021 Wave Optics , 2P+0.7C+0.3L
E331504 Welding Technology , 2P+2C+0L
2007357 Wind Technology
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