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Pneumatic Transport (E163044)
Departments:ústav techniky prostředí (12116)
Valid until: ??Range:1P+1C
Theoretical fundamentals and calculation of the pipe pneumatic transport of granular materials. Working knowledge for choice and dimensioning type of the pneumatic transport.

Classification of the pipe pneumatic transport. Characteristics of pneumatic transport. General equation of particle motion. Solution of the basic types of pneumatic transport. Phase diagram. Methods of calculation. Optimization of the pipe diameter. Elements of pneumatic transport.
Structure of tutorial
Fundamental quantities in pneumatic transport - their correlation . Transport velocity of the particle and of the gas. Pressure drop of principal cases of pneumatic transport. Comparison of different methods of calculation. Optimum pipe diameter. Pneumatic transport of the wood waste.
Mills, D., Jones, M., Agarval, V.: Handbook of Pneumatic Conveying Engineering, Marcel Dekker, 2004, ISBN
Following requirements are demanded: Gas and particle velocity in the pipe of pneumatic transport. Calculation of pressure drop. Methods of calculation of pneumatic transport. Determination of optimum pipe diameter. Dimensioning of the other elements of pneumatic transport.

Pneumatic transport, transport velocity, pressure drop, optimum pipe diameter, wood waste
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