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Manufacturing Methods Improvement (E342019)
Departments:ústav obrábění, proj. a metrologie (12134)
Valid until: ??Range:2P+1C
The aim of the course is to introduce the issue of rationalization of production, which is part of a package of measures, aimed at more efficient, more economical way of work and production. The content of the subject of rationalization of production refers only to its own production but also to the area of management and administration of the company, where it focuses on increasing the factors of performance growth while removing the strenuous or harmful health monotonous work with regard to improving the quality of working conditions.
1. Characteristics of work rationalization
2. Modern approaches to work rationalizing
3. Rationalization studies
4. Sources of information for work rationalizing
5. Production process and its breakdown
6. Methods of detection and determination of time consumption
7. Methods of establishing time standards, standardization of assembly and logistics activities
8. Use of computer technology in rationalization and normalization of work
9. Rationalization of production processes
10. Rationalization of production systems
11. Industrial logistics
12. Lean manufacturing methods
13. Production planning and management
Structure of tutorial
1. Introductory exercises, organization of teaching
2. Enter the production system
3. Analysis of the production system
4. Identify areas for rationalization
5. Product standardization
6. Technological standardization
7. Optimization of handling equipment
8. Optimization of warehouse management
9. Rationalization of logistics
10. Simulation of proposed solutions
11. Simulation of proposed solutions
12. Simulation of proposed solutions
13. Evaluation of semestral work, credit
Niebel,B.: Motion and Time Study, 11-th edition, R.D.IRWIN,Inc. Homewood, Illinois 1992
Knowledges of technology of cutting metals, machining and assembly, and production methods of raw materials and design of drawings and process planning sheets.
production rationalization lean production waste simulation production economy
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