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Project (E342091)
Departments:ústav obrábění, proj. a metrologie (12134)
Valid until: ??Range:0P+2C
The course is intended as preparation for writing a bachelor thesis. An individual project is made according to the demanded student specialization the student wants to focus on in bachelor thesis. After selection of topic literary research is made, information are processed and a individually prepared report is submitted as possible part of future bachelor thesis.
Training of presenting skills and speech in front of audience is included in this course.
Structure of tutorial
1) Assigment
2) Selecting topic
3) Literature research
4) WEB and database research
5) Evaluation of found information
6) Results and conclusions for future work
Course is provided by individual lessons between students and course leader together with collective presentations.
According to selected course topic with focus to the future thesis topic or according to thesis head suggestions.
Completing the course recommended by the project manager.
literary research, thesis topic, information processing, presentation
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