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Podnikatelství a management (E381007)
Katedra:ústav řízení a ekonomiky podniku (12138)
Platí do: ??Rozsah:2P+1C
Zakončení:Z,ZKJazyk výuky:EN
This course introduces entrepreneurship as a way relevant to student's future professional career. Technically oriented students who haven't any specialized economical and management courses in their curriculum are introduced to the fundamental issues needed to start of their own businesses using simple and understandable form. To study the basic information of individual topics e-learning materials accessible on the web portal are prepared. Acquired knowledge is then practiced at workshops involving external lectors. Evaluation and classification is based on the e-learning tests and student?s case study, related to small business issues (mostly the business plan of a start-up company).
1. Introduction of course program and rules, principles of work with e-learning materials, the role of the entrepreneur
2. The business legislation minimum
3. How to write a business plan - types of business plans, target persons, description of individual parts of the business plan
4. How to manage people - the basics of personnel management, employee motivation and recruitment
5. How to find the way to the customer - marketing fundamentals for entrepreneurs, marketing mix
6. How to control company costs - cost control, costing of products
7. How to control company finance - the basics of financial management
8. How to make sense of accounting - an introduction to the accounting for small business, basic concepts, the main balance-sheets
9. What to do when you need money for your business - the main types of corporate financing
10. How to ensure the further development of your business - business development and evaluation of investment projects
11. How to ensure the production of quality and environment-friendly products - basic introduction to the issues of quality of production and its environmental impacts
12. The most common causes of failure of SMEs
13. Summary and recapitulation of the course content
Osnova cvičení
Workshop 1 - business idea and business strategy
Workshop 2 - business legislation
Workshop 3 - project management
Workshop 4 - Start of the business - personal experience
Workshop 5 - presentations of student?s case studies
Workshop 6 - presentations of student?s case studies
Basic knoledge from the course Management a Economics of the Enterprise
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