Fluid Dynamics A (E12A500)
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The first course in Fluid Mechanics designed to provide the fundamental tools necessary to analyse a fluid systems and predict its behaviour.
1. Introduction, basic properties, quantities and units, Fluid statics, development of the hydrostatic law
2. Forces on submerged surfaces, buoyancy
3. Ideal fluid in motion: basic laws - continuity equation, Bernoulli equation, linear momentum equation, discharge from vessels, one-dimensional pipe flow
4. Frictional and local losses
5. Principles of pressure, velocity and discharge measurement
6. Unsteady one-dimensional flow
7. Relative flows
8. Force action on fluid jet
9. Laminar flows
10. Turbulent flows
11. Flow past bodies, boundary layer, drag and lift, wing theory
12. Dimensional analysis and model theory
13. Potential flow theory
14. Navier-Stokes equation
Osnova cvičení
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