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Fundamentals of Radiant Heating (E162063)
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The subject is aimed on the problematic of radiant heating. At the beginning fundamental theoretical background of the radiant heat transfer will be presented. In following lessons the focus will be stressed on various mainly radiant heating systems such as floor, wall and ceiling heating surfaces (both electric and water) - embedded systems, suspendable gas- burning plaque and tube radiant heaters, electric radiant heaters and even water or steam based suspendableradiant panels.
Osnova cvičení
Chosen parts from publications:

Siegel, Howell: Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer. Taylor and Francis 2001
Kabele, Hojer, Kotrbatý, Sommer, Petráš: Energy Efficient Heating and Ventilation of Large Halls
ASHRAE: ASHRAE Handbook: Fundamentals. 2009
attendance at the exercises, knowledge base according to the lectures and exercises
Klíčová slova
radiant heating, floor heating, gas radiant heaters, electric radiant heaters, water / steam radiant strips (panels), wall / ceiling embedded heating systems
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